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When will Obama be jailed?

11 answers · 4 days ago

Best answer: You need to write your own essay. You need to practice to develop your writing skills and your critical thinking skills. Do some reading about the three religions. All have sects or people who follow the rules more strictly than others. There are Orthodox Jews who keep kosher kitchen, won't have dairy products... show more

Home schooling or normal school?

9 answers · 1 month ago
What is better should I send my child to school or home school ?

I was educated in the public school system my entire K-12 education, and at the time, Common Core did not exist. I can remember teachers just teaching whatever they wanted, and I don't remember learning much. Is it because they think it's some evil liberal idea? The roots of Common Core started during the... show more

Best answer: The question should be if Adam, Cain, Abel, and Eve practice birth control...

I collect tuition fees after every 2 lessons. I would always remind the parent 2 weeks before the next due date first, second reminder on the day I completed the two lesson. Due date is the end of the week. However, the parent did not pay at the due date( end of the week), should I still go for the next lesson at wed?

Best answer: True Islam does not tolerate