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Do you believe in God?

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Best answer: It means they are not Interested in being Friends with you anymore for some reason

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0-G6i9yk... https://qz.com/1182778/the-far-right-was...

Best answer: 36 - 8 = 28

Best answer: Because the office belongs to God who prefers atheists...

Best answer: yes have them run a marathon, convert the energy produced onto the ground into mechanical energy and then convert to combustible

Best answer: Yes.

My deceased best friend’s sister, who is my friend on Facebook, “friend suggested” her sister to me. But when I sent her sister a friend request, she never added me. That was about two years ago, so I recently cancelled the request. But she tagged her sister (my FB friend) in a photo of them with their family,... show more

Best answer: It depends on WHY your parents chose an online school, doesn't it? There are some public schools that are dangerous and academically underperforming. Most public schools in the U.S. ofter students an acceptable level of safety and academics along with experiences that you can't get online -- group... show more

Best answer: YA is not a reliable resource for homework help. Frankly, it's worse than Wikipedia. There are much better sites dedicated to homework help. Learn how to do real, in-depth research.

Best answer: I have not needed to do that. I find that though the public school does not respect all my beliefs and practices, it's absolutely critical for my kids to learn to work with as wide a variety of people as is possible. As a result, I've raised six successful kids - three boys and three girls - and, in fact,... show more

Best answer: Hilliary Clinton.

Best answer: They probably can't be bothered or don't have the time or money, sorry.

Best answer: I have heard many bad reviews for K12 . So do your research into them. Have you asked your doctor or hospital for help or suggestions. Have you gone to the school district superintendent? Check your state’s department of education web site or your state’s State Borad of education web site?

Best answer: Well to stat with because you're dumb enough to think the "hollywood elites" went to college. Hollywood elites? You mean the victors in a particularly ruthless form of capitalism, where the victors are showered with riches and fame, while the losers become waiters and strippers? You know why people... show more

Best answer: Poke Back or Better yet send a Message to the person who Poked you