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what should i do if i fall over the side and the boat doesnt see or hear me and im alone in the ocean. should i wait in place or just swim in the direction the boat is going

Are there electric boats?

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Best answer: there is a normal toilet and sink and all the waste water (and poo/pee) from it gets fhushed to a septic tank in the boat where its held until you go to a dock where you can pay them to suck out all the wates water from the tank

Best answer: So much would depend on how big the river is, and what the ocean currents are near where the mouth of that river is. Indeed it is quite likely that you would end up drifting at sea with no land in sight, but equally you might end up within a mile or so of shore, or even with the boat wrecked on shore. There is no... show more

Used Jet Ski?

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How much would you pay for a jet ski that isn't running? It is a 1989 Sea Doo that apparently has a 2 stroke Rotax 587 with oil injection and liquid cooled exhaust. The owner doesn't know why it isn't running, just that the engine turns over. I've messed around with carbed bikes and EFI cars a fair... show more

Best answer: A ship has multiple decks. A boat has only one deck. Technically submarines are boats, but they are larger than some ships, and you can't pull them up onto the beach.

Best answer: If you are in radio communication with someone you can report it. At the very least, pull it on board, see if it has any identification on it, take pictures of any injuries. If you see a bullet hole, see if you can carefully get the bullet out without damaging it. If you do not have the means to store it... show more

I have a 2017 df60a on a 4.2 side console aluminium boat. its already spinning the second largest prop i can get and its still revving out too 6300 and hitting the rev limiter. My current prop is suzuki s 11 1/4 x 15. Any suggestions?

Looking to train a son in sailing, and want something challenging enough we won't outgrow too fast. Still has to be trailerable less than 2K pounds, 15 to 17 feet, or so, a centerboard, with a spinaker, trailerable, with more than a footwell, for two, maybe 3. So Laser, Sunfishes to small but saw Boston Whaler... show more

Can I ride my jet ski naked?

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I live in Miami,FL and own a jet ski,I was wondering can I ride it naked,or is there laws against this ?

1958 Evinrude Outboard Motor Timing?

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I made some repairs on the outboard and now need to place the flywheel back on. What position does the piston need to be in for the flywheel to sit properly on?