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I m from India and only rich people easily send their kids to western countries in the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, I m 24 and don't have even supportive parents, and my life is just like hell, there are of course those who are highly intelligent only these people are able to study and stay in those... show more

That the visa officer place the ban without even checking with the applicants and related entities such as their employers, schools, or banks?

Hey there! I have a question which I could t find the exact answer on the internet and i hope you guys can help me. I m preparing for going to college but the thing is I want to study abroad. But I need a good college which I can get the full scholarship. I would be glad if you help me to find some colleges that... show more

Best answer: Australians ALL speak English, what other language would they speak ? We have thousands of Australians living here especially in London. he does not have to take any exam to prove he is an English speaker.

Best answer: Poland, Iceland, Sweden, Norway, Australia, France, New Zealand, Scotland, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Chile, Cyprus, Denmark, Czech Republic, Scandinavia, Finland, Liechtenstein, Italy, Spain, Luxembourg, Romania, Ukraine, Switzerland all white nations

Study in canada?

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Studying Undergrad in America?

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Everyone tells me that getting a degree in America is next impossible, keeping aside the tuition fee. The system is very hard to graduate and get out from? You get cheated by taking such and such classes, transfering credits and university professors. Is it true? They say Americans usually don t study college and... show more

I'm an 18-year-old boy living in Iran. And so sick of this unthankful country. I'm studying in "talented students highschool" and I have a high IQ (not gonna say exactly how much. Not trying to show off). I just have so many ideas and stuff and I'm talented in many things which has no career... show more

I am a 16 year old wanting to become a lawyer. I'm from India and interested to do law from abroad. I'm not aware of the things I would have to do to do so. Like what kind of entrances do universities have and I'm not restricted to a particular country plus it would be better if the university would be... show more

I recently graduated and before I get a job, I really would like to have a short experience living abroad but I need ideas. Originally, I was planning on applying for a nannying job which I like because a host family that will provide a safe place or me to live is a comforting though but I am open to other ideas,... show more

I really want to study in the USA from school. I'm 24 now, and it is impossible for me to ever study there because I don't have money. I wanted to experience all the things in the USA. I'm from India and my whole school life was just sucked, education system and people completely sucks its a sin to be... show more

Best answer: I’m from Australia, and there is *no way* I would consider Canada - TOO COLD. Here we have zillions of miles of beaches - many of them are empty, all of them are clean. Most of the major cities have lots of beaches. Plus there is Great Barrier Reef which is just magic for snorkelling and holidays in the sun.... show more

Next year, when I am in eighth grade, I have the opportunity to take a trip to New York and Washington DC. I think its an incredible learning opportunity. I know that my parents trust me to go, and I am positive that if I tell them one of my friends is going, they'll let me go. But of course, as always, there... show more

UK Student studying in the USA?

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How realistic it for a UK student to study in USA without a scholarship? Any UK students out there who have moved to USA, I'd really appreciate you're feedback. How difficult is the moving process? Is there anything else I should be aware of before potentially moving? Thank you!

Best answer: No, your UK student loan will not cover overseas study unless this is part of a UK university course. For example, if you did a degree in Korean Studies at SOAS, spending a year in Korea would definitely be covered. But if your plan is just to study at a Korean university it will not be covered. Korea recently... show more