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Should I quit my job?

14 answers · Bangalore · 2 days ago
Best answer: Suck it up dude, ya got another year and a half to go...

Best answer: Because the US federal government requires the business to complete an EEO-1 report on an annual basis which lists the ethnicity of the company's applicants and employees. The company may also be an Affirmative Action Employer which means that they need to maintain this information on a monthly basis. It does... show more

How to quit a job I just started?

7 answers · Kolkatta · 4 days ago
Best answer: Be true to yourself. Tell your current employer of the offer and that you really need to take the better paying job. Be humble and kind and thank them for hiring you. Give them a couple of weeks to replace you if they need the time, but if they don't head for the door and take the better job

Why not impose a flat tax on gross income?

5 answers · Chandigarth · 4 days ago

Best answer: A new car gives you a better warranty than a used car. Also you can pass it on to your kid when you buy a new one with peace of mind that the car will be safe for them. With a used car you never know if you're gonna be stranded because someone else abused it and a mechanic can't tell if it may break down. I... show more

Best answer: Honestly because there is no evidence for the existence of any gods. Edit: What is the evidence that any creatures in the universe have a soul?

Have you ever gotten one of these emails from Yahoo?

30 answers · Ahmedabad · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: I've never posted suicidal or similar thoughts and I'm not called Brian.

Want to start pharma business in India ?

7 answers · Surat · 4 weeks ago

What are the best restaurants in Mumbai?

5 answers · Mumbai · 4 months ago

Where can I find a job for an MC/host in Bangalore?

3 answers · Bangalore · 6 months ago