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Best answer: It is very rare of a lightning strike to cause any problems to a aircraft.

That you might eventually grow bored of it?

The Airbus planes ride higher off the ground when taxing than Boeing planes. Why is that?

Why is Airforce One a Boeing 747?

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Best answer: It isn't. "Air Force One" is the CALL SIGN for ANY US Air Force aircraft that the President is riding aboard. It could be a Boeing 747 or it could be a Cessna 172, but if it's flown by the Air Force and the President is on board, its call sign is Air Force One. As soon as the President leaves,... show more

Best answer: Too hard to load the plane because of the size, height of doors above ground, and one cannot modify the passenger doors without heavily modifying the frame and a lot of the things like wiring, hydraulic lines. That would require recertifying the plane for service. And the freight hubs are not designed for that... show more

What is the best pilot job and why?

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Best answer: Autopilot. Press the button, let a computer fly the plane while you get "entertained" by the lead flight stewardess. Yeah, you seen how she looks at you.

Best answer: After the second world war, a number of British Halifax bombers were converted to HP70 Halton passenger aircraft, so it is possible, since it was done. But it is not really a cost effective proposition.

Best answer: Excluding military - #1 aerial firefighting #2 crop dusting #3 search and rescue [helicopters] #4 anything else to do with helicopters, particularly nightime medevac #5 bush flying

Best answer: Don't forget the best-looking airplane ever built: The Supermarine Spitfire! "Nose art" was a morale boost for the crews; the bombers provided a big canvas. So the brass let them have their way. The shark mouth made it onto a bunch of fighters, but (I think) was first seen on the P-40 Warhawk. If... show more

Only VFR?

Best answer: Passenger planes

Best answer: It is actually a bit taller when extended, since it can stretch when deployed. Boeing's fairly stubborn decision to keep the landing comparatively short comes from their desire to not increase the landing gear track width. Increasing this would have required moving the gear pivot point (hinge point, where the... show more

For example a plane might be going down due to some fault like mcas and the pilot says computer keep us in the air and the computer answers will do and then does it

Best answer: Some do. John Kennedy Jr did.