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Additionally, are people able to hack into your wifi without knowing the password to your wifi? Are people able to hack into your phone magically? I'm asking these questions because one of my friends yelled at me because I'm not agreeing with them that a certain person they believe is hacking into... show more

Best answer: The best Antivirus is You. You are the number one way to avoid infections. Most infections are user installed by opening malicious files. This is why some people claim they don't use protection and never get anything. The problem with that though is that some infections can happen without user interaction and... show more

my mum set it up on my computer, but i was wondering does this spy on everything i search up?

Hi how can I get rid of porn .?

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Does my computer have a virus?

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Best answer: That sounds like some spyware and/or adware. Download Malwarebytes and run a full scan and delete any threats it finds. Also, on all of the web browsers you have, clear your history, cache, and cookies. If you recently installed any program that might be shady, uninstall it. Because even if your Malwarebytes... show more

I went to my computer and did as they told me which involved event viewer and showed me all the errors and warnings. And they had access to my computer and they asked me to pay $1.50 for the charge for them to do the work and they have my credit card information. Now I'm not computer savvy so when he told me it... show more

Best answer: Nearly all the newer security systems have an option to use a keyfob (like your car) or use an app on your phone to disarm the system before you open the door. I suggest you stick to one of these methods to deal with your PTSD. The entire process of rushing to a keypad when you may even be carrying items or kids... show more

Remove all ads?

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If router is sitting in a room with NO power in any way. Not even plugged in and it has no battery or any connections at all. It has been unpowered for a long time. Simply just a collection of plastic and metal. Can it be infected with malware?

My mother says someone is hacking every technology in her house and that they're able to listen in on her conversations and knows where she is going; however, this person my mother claims that is hacking her phone had also placed cameras in her television and in her house even though he has not entered her home.

What are cookies on the internet ?

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Best answer: They are information put on your computer by a website to keep track of your activities on the Internet. You can delete them in control panel if you have a Windows computer. You can also delete your search history. Some people do this after every session on the Internet.

How did these people get caught.?

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So in my school some people were browsing around our school website and found our most hated teachers. And on the school website it contains their phone number, so they started prank calling. 2 days later they get 5 days iss. How did the school find them with their phone number? I heard it was forward to the school... show more

Why don't hackers use a mouse?

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It wanted me to download a VPN, I closed out of the pop up but it showed my IP and my location. I haven’t looked at anything bad, so what’s the problem?