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Think Halle Berry short

Poll are you a feminist?

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Best answer: i wear socks

Is my eye shape ugly?

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Best answer: I do see your point.. I agree they are nothing to look at and I would not look at them twice either but that is how it is with lots of models. Look at Giselle..I dont think she is much to look at at all

Best answer: Get plenty of sleep and rest. Learn to relax and calm your turbulent spirit. Budget at least 9 hours out of every 24 for doing NOTHING. If you're not sleeping, then just lie there resting quietly with your eyes closed practicing calmness and relaxation.

I am 22 years old. For whatever reason, I am TERRIFIED of aging. I have a lot of psychological health and anxiety issues and I'm worried that my life is passing me by. Right now I'm young and good-looking. Pictures of old people (60+) SCARE me. I see wrinkly necks, fat stomachs, white hair, etc. Is this... show more

Best answer: Depends how it is said. Sugar coating the truth is always nice.

Best answer: Hell no. I always found her ugly and most overrated celeb ever in terms of beauty. My personal favorite celeb who I find most gorgeous is Felicity Jones.

How has hijab changed your life?

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Best answer: Nothing wrong with her looks