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Poll do you like redheads?

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Do you use deodorant?

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Best answer: of course

Does it look stupid for a male to only have left ear pierced?

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Few days ago I got both done but the right one is at a weird angle and looks stupid from behind. Want to take the right one out and leave the left in

Do you like the smell of cocoa butter?

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What makes underarms smell?

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So I’m looking to get a tattoo?

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I’m 18 and currently looking for a tattoo roughly for £100-£150. I don’t want it to be to small but not to big as it’s my first one. I want it in my forearm. Any ideas on what to get?

Did you know the whole world adores Russia?

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I regret getting my belly button pierced? Help?

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This time I did go to get it done the proper way. At first I had been wanting to get it. I got it done yesterday in the evening. But then I thought about it and decided that it just doesn't suit me and I didn't really like it. Plus it looked cheap and trashy. This morning I took it out, and it's already... show more

What are my?

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What should I do my blouse flew open?

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Is this a lot of piercings?

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I am 19. I have a smiley piercing, medusa, septum and 2 single nose piercings.

According to standards, are Somali women the prettiest?

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they have: small nose large lips wide eyes big forehead triangular jaw shape straight hair

Best answer: Pretty much, yeah.

My friends and Family are very honest in a good way, and they tell me I have bad body odor. Despite the fact that I shower properly every Day, and use deodorant! It’s rediculous how bad I smell even though I practically break my *** in efforts to be hygienic. Is there anything I could be missing? Am l not eating... show more

Poll have you got the perfect body?

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