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We live on the same apartment complex but that person didn’t put their apt number on there so since my apt number is 1. Someone dropped it off on my door. There’s so many people that live here. I don’t know who this person is. She could be in other buildings. On the package said Lancôme. I think is expensive makeup... show more

What color are my eyes?

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Best answer: Brown.


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Do you wash your make up off in the sink before or after shower?

Do I wear too much makeup?

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Best answer: Belleza

Best answer: part of his transition to female. Seriously, I knew a guy who had a patchy beard, and would fill it in with an eyebrow pencil. I don’t know that anyone ever said anything to his face, but he was definitely made fun of behind his back. By men and women. I don’t know that man filling in his eyebrows would... show more

Best answer: No, for me Red goes with anything.

Best answer: No, I didn't get my flying car.

Best answer: They're Democrats. They revel in the decline they cause.

Best answer: Nude . I feel red washes me out too much

Best answer: because many have lip injections ,so their lips are so visible and by nude color ,somehow it is not that intense ,nudes make them look smaller.For girls who doesnt have big lips ,nudes may be a good everyday look.

Best answer: I love ELF liquid highlighter. I’m always putting on just moisturizer to keep my skin looking poppin’

I'm not that experienced with makeup but i'm one who tries to apply as little product as possible. i recently bought a Laura Mercier foundation at Sophora and i always had a problem with my oily skin since i sweat a lot. i decided to look for a good foundation and i thought i had found the perfect one. but... show more

Best answer: No. Makeup forms a physical barrier over the pores and some get right inot the pores and plugs them up. To do any good the salicylic acid has to get into the pores and that won't happen with makeup gunking up the openings of the pores. .