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POLL: are you drunk?

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My wife has stopped wearing makeup?

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she still wears eyeliner and the coneal stuff but? she has ceased with blush, lipstick and the to kindly suggest she start wearing it again? its been two weeks of little makeup and a relationship is a two way street

Best answer: agree

It''s for my daughter's wedding. I want to look my best. What is the best brand foundation regardless of price? It needs to photograph well, hide shadows.

Hi! This is for in the future. Not any time soon. But, I will be getting the training I need to become a licensed body piercer and tattooist and I was curious to know if I should go ahead and get the training I need to also offer permanent makeup at my shop. I am honestly not sure how popular or common it is. Maybe... show more

everytime i go to a party on campus girls got a face full of makeup they look so much better without it!

How do you take of mascara?

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Best answer: Make-up wipes are amazing at removing stubborn mascara. There are mascara remover liquids at the drug store and these work well too, they are oil based but have more in them than just mineral oil to soothe the eyes and remove more gunk in one swipe. Finally, a skin care newbie that is widely used in France:... show more

Can a guy wear lip gloss?

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Sleeping in make up?

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How bad is it really to sleep with make up on?

Best answer: Purple, silver, white, or gold.