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I got rejected from Job because of my long hair but I don’t care if I have long hair if women who have job have short hair can have jobs than I can have job too.

Blonde vs brunette?

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Why I can’t get a job?

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Best answer: My son had long hair, through high school & university, almost waist length, beautifully kept. Around a month before he graduated he had his hair cut and donated it, knowing that going into the professional world, appearance would be included. Does it affect your ability to do a job? No Does it offer a... show more

Don't give examples of vin diesel and rock because they hide their natural look by shaving all their hair. Why don't we have a hero who sports his natural left over hair(norwood 7) like Dr Phil or Sean Connery. And yeah I am not bald but started to lose hair.

As a 24 year old guy with long hair, I never really wear mine in a ponytail, I just don't like it as well and it feels restrictive. I don't think its bad but I just like to wear mine the natural way. Almost every guy I see with long hair always has it tied back into a ponytail and they never wear it down... show more

Blonding Hair Pills?

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If anyone knows if there is a product that makes your hair color change dramatically.. no dying or bleaching.. A pill that is design to make your hair lighter just by drinking a pill

Is hair loss common in young men?

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I got my eyebrows waxed at a salon and the lady completely messed up my left brow and made the end way too thin. It’s very bad and I’m embarrassed to go places with it looking like that. The top is before and the bottom is after

I have to pull my hair back into a ponytail at work because I'm not allowed to let it hang down. I am a 41 y/o man and I work 12 hour shifts. Anyone know the least damaging way to do this?

Dying my hair at home?

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I want to ombré dye my hair at home and I know you need to bleach and tone it but I want to go for more of a bright ashy blonde as my hair luckily is brown but not a dark dark brown. What are the best recommendations on the best bleaches and toners you could get from Superdrug or boots as there my local drugstore.... show more