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Do u color ur hair?

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Best answer: Nope. My grandma is 95 and still has full, thick hair.

I get told I look really young for my age and I'm in my 20s. I get called ma'am a lot and I'm in the Northeast. Doe anyone know ?

I am looking for a solution or cream or (something) that can make "cut" hair grow REALLY FAST? I had a bad haircut and it is WAY shorter in the back than what I wanted. Can I go to a hair salon -or- perhaps Walmart might have something I can get?

Photo of me: Or should I keep it black? What do you think would look better on me?

I am naturally a dark brunette with my current hair colored dyed similarly to it. I recently got balayage highlights and was told that I would have to come back numerous times in order for it to get to what I want it to be. I paid a lot of money, almost 200$, and all of my friends and family have told me that it... show more

What should i do?

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Hi, i have dandruff.Yellow stuff comes out of my headwhen i comb my hair ,i really dont know what it is whether it is dandruff or something. I tried head and shoulders but after using it my head feel a little burning sensation. What should i do guys . Please guy answer me

I’m trying to grow out my hair. I am wanting to grow waist length hair, but everyone tells me that I’m too old to have waist length hair as I’m 28 this year. Waist length is my current goal, but I really want to see how long I can grow it. My hair is currently APL (arm pit length) and is a natural coppery colour... show more

Like when I got my bangs cut I felt so ugly and depressed but when my hair looks good I feel like I can conquer the world

Is Pert plus shampoo bad for hair?

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Best answer: Not that i know of but its a more basic shampoo