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What color are my eyes?

51 answers · 5 days ago
It's like some mix of blue and brown. I'm not sure what it's called.

Should i wear my hair up or down?

8 answers · 12 hours ago
Best answer: Wear your hair down, its much more appealing.

How do i grow out my hair?

10 answers · 4 days ago
i dont dye it, bleach it, get regular trimmings, pretty healthy diet, and now its at shoulder length. i want it a little below my waist help

My hair is ******. What do I do?

17 answers · 4 days ago
I went through a phase where my hair was every color but a natural one. And now the ends of my hair feel stringy, almost like straw. My mom says it can be repaired but it feels too far gone. The damage goes pretty far up into my hair. What do I do? Can I save my length or does it need to be cut?

I want to grow a beard, however, there’s no facial hair on the sides of my mouth. How do I grow that full circle so I can have a beard?

I have a ton of hair, and it gets hard to manage as well as style a way I can tolerate. Curlers are really uncomfortable, and don't leave my hair soft the way braids do, so I split my hair into three sections and braids those sections every night for waves. They aren't very tight, and my hair feels great in... show more

Best answer: Look at your employment contract, and look at the dress code. Most places have rules about hair and hair styles. Most places can tell you how to style your hair. Many places require you to look professional. For a man with long hair, this means clean dry hair pulled back and away from the face, probably in a... show more

a) Blonde b) Brunette c) Black/Raven d) Red/Ginger Disclaimer: This is not about personality just hair color.

I just wanna be a little more attractive. Middle School sucks and i'm not pretty. I have naturally curly hair but its straightened all the time. I have a big forehead and really thin eyebrows. I have a big head lol. What do u guys think I should do? Should I dye my hair? get bangs? i need help