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Im an Aquarius what about you?

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I have Saturn in the ninth house in my chart. Since Saturn is the planet of delay and destruction, and the ninth house is associated with higher education, does it mean that I will either have challenges in higher education or my higher education would be delayed? I really want to have a Bachelor degree so that I... show more

Mine is probably Cancer....

Best answer: Cancer. My cat is Cancer/Leo cusp but he is not really like the human ones. Let's say astrology doesn't apply to kittens. Sagittarius are lesbian so there's no jealousy. Bisexuals and lesbians don't feel jealousy. Cancers are just evil. It's scary. They have two face (Dr Jekyll and miss... show more

Best answer: If I do fit my so called horoscope profile it's entirely by coincidence since astrology and horoscopes predict nothing and determine nothing.

What is your zodiac sign?

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Best answer: Aries.

like Elvis Presley, Whitney Houston, Michael Jackson (prior to plastic surgery), Kurt Cobain, etc.

Iliterally EVERY SINGLE BULLY at my school is a scorpio. EVERY SINGLE ONE. What makes them so mean???

Cancer rising and Virgo rising?

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Can someone put it in a nutshell how factual and real horoscopes are?

Why don't they have common sense?

Cancer, and leo in my opinion.

#racism #astrology #prejudice #discrimination

Whats your zodiac sign?

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i am pretty sure this has happened because i am a gemini. can anyone confirm?

I mean... which zodiac signs do you think that people tend to hate and complain against...