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What zodiac sign do I look like?

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Guess my zodiac sign by the photo? For fun, no hate.

Pull your heads out your asses and stop hating 😊

To feel better about themselves?

Best answer: Well, you don't get much from ONLY the SUN sign (what is often mis-called the zodiac sign). Donald Trump has Sun (self-esteem needs) and Uranus (his need to be an individual) in the sign/style of logical Gemini. He has his Moon (emotional nature) in optimistic Sagittarius. His Mercury (mind, communication),... show more

She also has a scorpio moon and a virgo mercury. She is super complex becuz she has traits from her two neighbor signs. Virgo and Scorpio was suppose to be the same sign at one time and libra split them into two. Her voice is so strong and the music is so deep and she is popular. Her interviews are so awkward.

Best answer: Yes they do it all the time because their best match is Aquarius women

Am I wrong for this

im a attractive virgo and I attract tons of pisces in my life even the bisexual ones.

don't say scorpio becuz that's not what im looking for.

So I'm a Gemini sun with moon in cancer and this girl I'm seeing is a pisces sun with moon in capricorn. my sun squares her sun and my moon opposes her moon. Also my Venus is in Aries and her Venus is in Capricorn. What do you think?

Best answer: Definitely not aquarius. The one on the left looks like a Male to Female Transexual. Why is it's head so masculine, large, and long with a strong masculine nose? Am I lying? Her head looks 5 x bigger than the Libras. That can't be normal. She also has a very bland look. She needs help putting on make up and... show more

Or are they too feminine?

And why do you smoke or drink?

Best answer: I’m a Scorpio sun and moon, Scorpio moons and water moons are very emotional and intense, water dominant.

Do you believe in astrology?

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