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Best answer: Look at the Tech Specs for the audio of tv, then match up to the sound bar. TV: Audio Return Channel (ARC) Yes (HDMI 2) So make sure sound bar supports ARC to get the best bang for the buck. ETC for other features.

I have a newer LG smart tv in my bedroom and the speakers suck. I am wanting to add a soundbar I also have Cox Cable and want to be able to operate the soundbar volume with the Cox remote. Can someone tell me if there is a decent soundbar that will let me use the Cox remote. I tried a Jensen soundbar, but it... show more

Best answer: It's likely that you could, but why would you want to connect such cheap junk to a fine TV ? What you should get to connect to a high end 4K TV is a 4K capable BluRay player, and get a proper home theater audio receiver with a set of proper home audio speakers. Connecting a DVD player to a 4K TV is like... show more

I have a logitech 2.1 computer soeajer system connected to my tv. When I watch streaming movies online, every once in a while I get 10 minutes of distorted echoey sound. Then it just goes away and is fine. Why is this?

I have an old Av receiver that supports 5.1 Dolby digital and dts through its DVD player it sounds amazing but I’m having a hard time inputting surround from my tv, I have the standard rca red white cable hooked but it’s not working well, can rca even carry surround or am I doing something wrong,

Hi, I have an old home theatre (Samsung HTC 420, with 2 passive front speakers, 144W and 3 Ohm, and one SubWoofer with 134W and 3 Ohm). The amp of the home theatre is gone and I want to recycle the speakers and potentially also the sub as audio system of my current PC workstation. I then searched for a mini-amp... show more

Is there any chance this to be some sort of isolation and where to place it so the buzzing to stop?

I could be more specific, but I think the answers would be less interesting.

and setting the volume with the hifi