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How do I clear the history?

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Best answer: mac address is just how the system differentiates your device from other users. it holds no personal info. IP address is like a phone number for your PC, and is easier to track, but again, holds no personal info. also, people offering free WiFi really can't FORCE you to not view something. it is POSSIBLE to... show more

I have secure wifi. If someone obtained my password will they be able to see my private wifi information like my contacts and everything else or will they just be able to use my wifi?

Get regular to go underground, wrap in a conduit? Or get the heavier wrapped, waterproof etc. kind?

2 Routers on 1 Modem?

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Hi I want to connect 2 routers to my modem. One will be downstairs in the basement and one will be upstairs. My modem is 400 mbps. But I was wondering if they're both gonna perform on 400mbps or does it get distributed equally, half and half to each router, or is it even possible to do that. I was also... show more

If someone connects to a public WiFi connection through any electronic device that can access the internet, can law enforcement identify that device other than just getting the MAC Address?

How Can I check my Ip address which My Isp provide to me is it real or shared IP?

I have synchronized my Iphone but it still requires a password. I would prefer not to reset my WiFi and risk disrupting my connecting to my Ipad. Is there a way to determine my password from my Ipad or indeed my windows PC.

I don’t have phonejacks in my house, so I need to plug the phone into the modem. I want to have another phone in a different room than then modem. If I buy another modem, can I hook up the modem to the coaxial and use my phone? I use Optimum for my TV, phone, and internet. Thanks in advance?

Best answer: Could be many factors. It depends on the video quality, lower resolution videos take up less time and are smaller and downloads quicker. Your sons desktop may have faster storage, a smaller lower resolution screen, more RAM, a faster Ethernet port. It also depends on what time of day you are using the computer, at... show more

I wanna buy a small tv and hook it up to my hot spot how do I do it? Can I do it? With out the router and modem?

Best answer: No, you're right, ''Instagram'' ''Snapchat'' and stuff is complete crap, I wish it didn't exist.

Is wifi the way to go?

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Best answer: For web browsing, WiFi is normally fine. For streaming TV, since WiFi is shared between all devices using it, it can lead to buffering. For online gaming, it can be a disaster. Correctly configured, WiFi is safe and can be relatively reliable over short distances although it is normally slower than Ethernet. WiFi... show more