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Take climate change. The vast, overwhelming majority of climatologists believe that human activity has become the most significant factor affecting climate change. Conservatives, on the other hand, have a handful of disgraced scientists funded by the petrochemical industry. Also, there is no academic dispute over... show more

PS4 or Xbox One?

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Hello, I want to know which is better a PS4 or an Xbox One? Personally I find that PS4's are better since I had only negative experiences from a Xbox One. What do you guys think is better?

This problem just started today. The Xbox one won't read any games on disc. The download games we bought from. The store works but no discs read and I've tried a few things like turning off the Xbox and resetting it but nothing works. I dont know if it's under warranty because we've had for like 4... show more

My dad thought he knew what he was doing and he incorrectly ripped the wall of my PC tower opposite of the motherboard and you can never put the wall back because the prongs and holes that help the wall in place are bent outwards. Without the wall, how long can my PC survive and what can I do to better take care of it?

Best answer: What PC games require 32GB? PC games will generally require more RAM than console games because of the need to run Windows and all the background processes that are always running in addition to the game itself. Console OSes have much smaller and more controlled memory footprints.

Are these specs good for a gaming PC?

5 answers · PC · 1 week ago
These are the specs: FX-8350 4.2Ghz Eight Core, 8GB Ram, GTX 1050Ti 4GB I'm thinking about getting a gaming PC and I found a nice setup, including a monitor with a keyboard and mouse. I don't know a great deal about specs, but this PC gets great reviews. I'm not fussed about having it perform... show more

Best answer: Any sign up fees? No, signing up to PSN is free however if you want to play online multiplayer games, you’ll need to pay for PS+ which is a subscription service. If you don’t plan on playing online then you do not need this How many games can 1TB hold? Impossible to answer as games vary in sizes. Some games are... show more


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I'm starting to wonder because right now, the only Nintendo consoles being sold at retail stores are the Switch and 3DS. Also, the Wii spanned from the 2000s and into the 2010s (which was the same decade as the Switch). So, wasn't the Nintendo 64 and it's games still being sold in the early 2000s? a)... show more

How to take a screenshot on pc?

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I have a ps4, and we have a rule in our house to Update at night . However mine never updates because it’s getting turned off the wrong way . Mind you it’s getting turned off the wrong way showing error codes on a daily and the “make sure you turn it off correctly “ . So I can never play my games ... I’m sick of it... show more

Should I get the Playstation 5.?

8 answers · PlayStation · 1 month ago
I just heard that the Playstation 5 is coming out in 2020 of November. I want to get a playstation 4 pro. But with the new station coming out, I feel that I should wait. What do you all think?

Best answer: I'd guess it's speakers for playing music etc. out loud, and headphones (or a headset, with a microphone) for such as game chat or when other people are trying to do things in the same room & the speakers are a nuisance.. I've never used headphones on a desktop PC. Either headphones or PC speakers... show more