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There's somebody on Instagram harassing me, Making fake photoshopped conversations of me, Made a fake account of me and then when I approached them about it they changed the account name. I really have no clue who this person is , or why they're after me. They made a fake conversation with my Instagram... show more

Does fortnite give yiu cancer?

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a0 install windows on it first and then use a utility package or do I partition it first before installing windows.

How do I clean my computer?

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She will be Khan Academy, ABC Mouse, YouTube kids, Netflix, Vudu things of that nature. I am considering either getting 8 gig model or add it later on.

My options are "10x,16x, 20x, 24x" The CD is for a friend and he probably is going to be using it in his car and on his computer. I'm not too computer smart, so I have no idea which speed to choose and how it effects the disc/music.

When you delete a file from your pc and mark the space as “free”on your hard drive, will the computer use up this space immediately after, or not until the drive is otherwise full?

Hey, a while ago, like a year and half ago I deleted a bunch of docs I created for school. They would come in use for a recent project I’m doing, is there any chance of recovering them with software? Also considering I believe I have wiped my laptop multiple times since? Thanks.

Best answer: 1-What's program i can run from the boot in a Windows computer? GRUB. 2-What's a good Linux? Red Hat, Mint or? MINT LMDE. 3- How to stock photos received from the email? SAVE THEM TO LOCAL DISK. How to organize? BY DATE OR SUBJECT. How long it stay in the email? UNTIL YOU DELETE THEM. 4-Is it necessary... show more

Hello, I recently was provided a usb thumb drive in the mail from a particular theme park that offers fun attractions with great musical soundtracks I did receive the specific attraction music I was looking for but I was curious weather or not data recovery software will be able to access other data in this case... show more

Best answer: There's many things you can attempt to try if you are handy and have some common sense. Also practical knowledge about the parts that are inside a computer. If it is not turning on at all no juice no lights no fans spin up, it is potentially the Power Supply that could be the problem, Power button could be... show more

IE: Has Skynet evolved, and rather than sending robots back in time, it's sending information back in time that influences humans to develop the systems and technology that create it

Hi. I've been wanting to upgrade to windows 10 but so hesitating at the same time. I'm not sure if it will run all games or software without issues. I play modern and classic games. I've been searching around but most posts are around 2 or 3 years ago. I want to know how is it now. And if you guys... show more

Make my computer faster?

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Best answer: I'll give you my address and you ship it to me. I will make it faster and ship it back within one week.

How do I type 2 in caps lock?

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like l in caps is L what is 2 in caps lock