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Best answer: Yes, but not much. Most PC's have a CPU threshold. When the CPU is not in high use, the PC will reduce the amount of power sent to the CPU. This is configured under Window's Power Options as an Advanced setting. When you have a ton of tabs open, if they are static content, the tabs will be loaded into... show more

M8 pls answer this there is a f*cking virus in my computer I need to get rid of that ****** otherwise I will get rekt.

In other words, that touch tying is five times faster than peck typing.

When is 6g coming out?

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Computer water damage fix?

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So about halfish of my Mac fell into water. I set it into a bag of rice for about 3 days, then charged it. Now the light lights up like it is charging, but when I go to turn the computer on it doesn’t turn on. How should I go about fixing this problem?

iam in the uk, i thought it was okay to do?, to rip a film dvd to your computer so its a file on your computer you can watch without having to insert the dvd every time.

Best answer: It would not hurt to let it get up to room temperature before you power it up. Not a bad idea to take the cover off and blow / vacuum out some of the dust, as well.

Best answer: So, when you say "black screen", does the Alienware boot menu ever pop up? There are 2 issues that could have happened, one hardware wise, one software wise. Any time your boot up your PC, it will go through a "Power On Self Test" aka POST. This loads stuff up on the hardware level and will... show more

Computer brike?

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Best answer: YES take better care of your septic system ! the machines will rise against you if you treat them bad