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On Amazon, what is the "Qty" for?

9 answers · Other - Internet · 2 days ago
I really don't know what "Qty" is for and i would like to know, Answers Please!!

Is YouTube down right now, or is it just me?

7 answers · YouTube · 19 mins ago

Best answer: Friend. Defriend. Undefriend. Antiundefriend. Deantiundefriend. Disdeantiundefriend. Redisdeantiundefriend. Heck with this. Read a book.

I want to make google my default search engine?

9 answers · Google · 4 days ago

What is it?

5 answers · Other - Internet · 1 day ago
what is an internet troll?

What is the best way to negotiate my cable/internet package?

6 answers · Other - Internet · 1 day ago
I am an existing internet customer, but would like to add cable.

What kind of videos do you like to watch on YouTube?

65 answers · YouTube · 1 week ago
Just curious! Please keep answers appropriate :)

"I have access to all your accounts, social networks, email, browsing history. Accordingly, I have the data of all your contacts, files from your computer, photos and videos.I was most struck by the intimate content sites that you occasionally visit. You have a very wild imagination, I tell you! During your... show more

Who is interested to make money online?

7 answers · Other - Internet · 4 days ago

Do you think there should be age restrictions on social media?

15 answers · Other - Internet · 1 week ago
Best answer: That would be impossible to enforce. That would be like saying the "dimwitted" should not use a computer. Still impossible to enforce. Look at Twitter.

Who is this person?

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Best answer: YouTube channels I personnally really enjoy binge watching: Gloom Jaiden Animations Jenna Marbles James Charles PewDiePie Hopefully you'll find some of those entertaining.

Why do women on Facebook poke me?

10 answers · Facebook · 1 week ago

Can youtube see my private videos?

9 answers · YouTube · 7 days ago
i need it for privacy

Do a lot of people buy Instagram followers?

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