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How much does Google chrome cost?

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Why Social Media Marketing is Impotent?

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Example: The algorithms on Youtube are dumb. I search for female artists and their shows, and one comes up, but soon it's right back to male artists within fewer than five jumps. Spotify seems to have fixed this sometime in the last year; I just forgot to say something before they did. It seems dumb to bring... show more

Cancel face book?

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How to use the google?

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Will Pinterest ever shut down it's services to the public?

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Best answer: It would be ok but they're still strangers and not friends so you'll not know if they have other motives for friending you.

Best answer: No, I don't think so, but why not have some trust or respect for people out there who are just regular people, trying to entertain? I make You Tube videos.

Does anyone else prefer the wild west days of the internet?

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in the years of the early 2000's up to 2013....those were the years when the internet was free open, uncensored, unrestricted...not regulated and you could download tons of free media -films,mp3s and music...and there was lots of obscure independent run websites around. now all that has changed and now we have... show more

I am so out of the loop! Haven t had internet this past year and honestly have never had too much access to technology compared to other people my age (22). So...what exactly are people doing on their phones?? And laptops? Games? What games? Cool community apps? What apps? Sciencey stuff? News? What?? Is this the... show more

I never post anything on my timeline, except photos, as I prefer not to write "what's on my mind" at the moment because of suffering possible embarrassment of no one "liking" or commenting on it. This is basically because I hate when I reply to a FB friend's post with something really... show more

How do I upgrade to internet explorer?

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In YOUR opinion , Which is The Best Browser to use ?

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Up until now I have been using OPERA but they have changed their format and I for one don't like it . Here is a list of Browsers , if YOU have tried several as I did before you found the one you liked best , Please tell me because I want to Change Sooner than later , I have tried Firefox , Internet Explorer ,... show more