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I searching for answers for my students - Why .doc file or .txt file is not used for WWW? Why HTML is required to invent for WWW? I have searched google few times but failed to get the answer. Please help me with some resources. Thank you.

Best answer: toss it and get a new one

Buying a YouTube account?

4 answers · YouTube · 3 days ago
Im 17 and im trying to make some money and find ways to make money so I thought a good idea would be to buy a YouTube channel or even an Instagram page with a significant amount of followers and then reach out to big brands to be sponsored and stuff like that. But I was just wondering what can I do to make sure the... show more

Is Facebook creepy?

18 answers · Facebook · 4 days ago
Best answer: Dear, Oh it is ! Especially the “Suggested friends” part of the feed . I once got the sales person who sold my car as my Suggested friend. I mean , I dont even know his name. I dont have his name in any of my emails. I have met him once, when I bought my car . Thats it ! How did facebook pull his profile, is beyond... show more

How far out into space is internet access available?

15 answers · Other - Internet · 5 days ago

Where is the wireless icon located?

7 answers · Computer Networking · 1 day ago

Is the market completely saturated?

Can someone recover my tax files from a reset factory laptop?

8 answers · Laptops & Notebooks · 2 days ago
Hello, so I recently bought a laptop from Best Buy which I use for a few days and had my files downloaded to until it started acting up and I returned it to Best Buy after doing a factory reset. My question is can they recover my files including my tax files for any reason they want?

Should I delete my Facebook account?

16 answers · Facebook · 5 days ago
I'm constantly being bullied and harassed on it and I've reported it but it still goes on. Should I delete it?