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What's your actual ringtone?

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I really don’t understand this thing, because it is simply not true, it’s true that most budget phones are android, but also old iPhones can be picked up really cheap, like, you can buy an used iPhone 6 for under 200€, there are also a lot of android phones that cost as much as the new iPhones, like for example the... show more

My dad is a bit old fashioned and only wants a cell phone that only makes and takes calls like phones used to be able to do. He basically wants a landline phone that's wireless and he can take to work. He hates apps, texting, and all internet features, I tried to get him to get a normal smart phone or a flip... show more

Best answer: Why wouldn't it be? Its their device & they've been doing the same with their computers for decades. Samsung would like to do the same (& are to an extent) with their Tizen OS Microsoft does it with their Surface tablets, computers Google with their Nexus (former) & Pixel lines [phones], Chrome OS... show more

Best answer: Anything Samsung or iPhone

I am traveling to mexico soon and was thinking of gifting my sister a phone.We mostly communicate through facebook, but she doesn't have a smarthphone so she often borrows my nephews.And since she doesn't have a lot of money and finding a good cheap phone where she lives can be difficult, I was thinking... show more

Best answer: There has to be a location for the camera. The iPhone does use the space on both sides of the notch. Maybe someday a method of having a camera see through the screen will be developed.

I've never had a smartphone before, so I'm a true noob on the subject.

For me, when I turn my phone sideways, it gets a sideways video, and there’s no changing it.. everyone’s always like bro turn your phone sideways. I tell them this and they still don’t get it..

Best answer: Nope. These days I get three or four junk phone calls a day. I don't answer it unless it's someone on my contact list. But they can leave me a message if they want.