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I get anxiety when I don’t play with my phone 😭 especially twitter, Instagram or Facebook.. it’s ruining my life

Best answer: No, phone has built in protections to prevent you from over charging.

Best answer: No. FaceTime is exclusive for apple users. But you can always go on facebook messenger/skype/ line/ viber or other apps

Why did MetroPCS Change my plan?

4 answers · 21 hours ago
So I regularly have the $60 Unlimited Plan with 10 GB of Hotspot, but then 611 texted me saying that a change was made to my account, so then i looked on MyMetro app and i figured out that my plan was changed to the $25 Unlimited Family Plan For no reason WHY DID THIS HAPPEN PLZZ SOMEONE HELP ME

So my parents are very old school and they still use flip phones. Im the only one that has a smartphone. My dads flip phone is over 4 years old and the battery does not hold as well anymore. I want him to upgrade to a smartphone. How can i get him to upgrade to a smartphone?

The texts, every time, only says “help for help”. Two spaces on each side of the ‘for’, no punctuation, and always at a different time. This number was a number that my brother had a little while ago, but he doesn’t use it anymore. The contact profile, name, and everything is still the same. I’m not sure if this... show more

I see a bunch of scratches. I have dropped it a few times but it was on carpeted and soft floors. I thought that if the I phone x is so expensive and the newest iPhone, shouldn’t it be more durable?

If I get the Xs with 256 gb, I would be paying $56.16 a month for 24 months including apple care + ($1,347 in total). As I understand, I can upgrade in 12 months and start a new 24 month plan. My question is this: If I upgrade in 12 months and then after the next 24 I quit, that means that in 36 months I will have... show more

So im really cheap and i dont want to spend $1000 on a phone. My current smartphone is a galaxy s4 that does not hold charge well and the camera lens is cracked. So i want a good cheap smartphone for under $150. I will only be using it for making calls and listening to music at school. What are some good options?