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Best answer: Turning the screen off on your phone is not turning your phone off - it will still drain! If you are playing music it will drain just that little bit faster. Your phone is an electronic device, everything it does drains the battery!

Best answer: Sleigh my name, sleigh my name

Best answer: The connecting wire to the ear pieces is used as an aerial. An aerial does not have to be big or even externally visible for every application. Mobile phone aerials are hidden entirely within the phone but they still work. Blue-tooth aerials are hidden inside blue-tooth devices but they still work. FM radio,... show more

I live within walking distance from a redbox. I always rent new release movies there for $2. The price to rent a digital movie is usually $5.99.

Best answer: No, the top Vinyl layer is decorative, you can only record on the 1 side of a CD-R.

So I’m trying to use my earbuds and the sound is only coming out of one side. This happens on every set of earbuds I have tried. it affects anything that plugs into the jack. I know it’s not a problem with the settings because Bluetooth audio works fine. How do I fix this? The problem is on an iphone 6s and an iPad Pro

I’m not talking about buying individual songs here. Just the album as a whole

Aiwa PX-860 won t connect to amp?

5 answers · 1 month ago
for a while my set up worked fine, but over time the audio got worse and eventually cut off. it s not the speaker because i checked it with using the radio and it worked fine. it s not the needle either. no matter where i connect my turntable to the control centre it will not connect to my speaker, only play from... show more

It just annoys the **** out of me!!

How do you download music to a cd?

4 answers · 2 months ago

And no, I don t mean earplugs. I mean earbuds that are for music and such. I get sensory overloads really easily so at night to avoid having to listen to the noises of cars or people talking (on occasion) I usually listen to soft rain sound effects or ambient nature sounds. Getting a noise maker isn t really an... show more

Is it legal to burn MP3 tracks to CD?

8 answers · 2 months ago
Wanna know if it is legal to burn MP3 tracks to a CD for my own personal use?

I've currently got a cheap THX speaker set with a subwoofer and it (in my opinion) sounds better than the single speakers I've seen at the tech stores (Sony Bass for example). I just want a single standing unit as I'm fixing my room up and it will look too cluttered having a big subwoofer on the ground... show more

Best answer: That's normal, it shows the amp is working. The noise should stop when you connect a signal source to the cable, rather than it having an "open input". If you mean it's squealing or hissing _very_ loudly rather than just faint hum or hiss, that can be a problem with the power supply - not enough... show more

Can you get iTunes on an iPhone?

9 answers · 2 months ago
I want to listen to downloaded music rather than streaming