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Best answer: A lot of that comes down to personal preference and comfort level...People have different shaped ears and their sensitivity to touch and pressure also differs from person to person..Also it depends on how you will use them ie for workouts or jogging or just riding the bus to work etc....But some models to take a... show more

Best answer: Amazon.

Best answer: Possibly, but Not Guaranteed. Keep in mind that the noise reduction capability of any headphone is limited, and some sounds, if loud enough, will Always get through.

My Crowley t100 audio output is just flat out awful. Any tips on making the audio output better?

They may just be that unimportant but I was hoping they were rare. yorx model:sc400

How long does audio cable last for?

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I usually have just my right ear with an earphone in but I've been using both ears recently. I've noticed that when listening with both ears, the sound mainly comes from one ear. The ear I normally use one earphone in is quieter then the other. I thought this was unusual but I can still hear sound from the... show more

I've recently aquired a pair of old speakers off ebay. I've hooked them up to a Cambrdge A100 Amplifier. I've connected the Iphone 4 to the amplifier through a Digitial to Analogue Audio converter through an Aux to Coaxal cable. This then connects to the amplifier through standard RCA cables. I... show more

My iPod Nano that i had for 10 years died and now i need a new iPod. sadly they don't make the nano's anymore which i'm used to and thinking about getting the Itouch. how weII does it work and what music features does it have? aIso can i download my music onto the iTouch using any appIe computer?

Best answer: Damn I am so sorry to hear that. I don’t know what’s going on, but I have NEVER met a person in my entire life who liked Nickelback. Yet that are famous. How is this possible!

Best answer: Yes you should. If Ray from Ray's Music Exchange is willing to throw in the black keys for free then so should those other stores.

I just received it as a present from my dad and it’s a few years old. It plays a few rpm too fast and it plays at about 35 instead of 33. We tried replacing the belt but nothing seems to be working. It’s a TPC-767 if that helps.

so it was like a little cd player thing but instead of a cd you would put in this chip that had like 2 songs on it. i can’t remember the name

Best answer: One speaker items are difficult to find these days. However the older portable radios are still out there on the market. I actually use this model exclusively here at home as my home... show more