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I currently have a Samsung 32" 1080p TV and I've had it for over five years. A lot of people tell me that a bigger size TV is much nicer and worth the upgrade. So, I've been debating for a while on whether to upgrade to something bigger. I only have a studio apartment, so I have no space to keep my... show more

Best answer: It can cost you $100 upwards to repair a cracked LCD TV. Check to see if your TV is still under warranty-if the potential damage is under warranty, you may be able to repair the screen at a reasonable cost.

What is the latest TV Screen type?

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Hello. What happens if you use a tv with a built-in HD digital tuner (aka ATSC, aka all tvs made now), WITHOUT using an HD antenna, to watch regular broadcast "over the air" (OTA) channels? Will the picture be scrambled, but audio intact?

Best answer: Buy Sony they were always a superiour brand LG are for Sony and Samsung haters buy a Sony or Samsung.

If I press a button on the remote the arrangement of the lines change. I cant test if there is sound because I can t change the input to test it out. If anyone knows what s causing this and how I can fix it please let me know.

I just purchased Xfinity basic limited. I was wondering how can get more channels? Is this something I can do my self?

Best answer: Simple. You don’t. Broken screens are game over. Spares cost more to supply and fit than biying a complete replacement TV. If you have insurance then make a claim. If you don’t then start looking for a new or used replacement TV.

Best answer: Product reputation often improves slowly. Those two particular companies previously they had excellent reputations in certain computer components. They "jumped on" the production of flatscreen technology early and so developed a reputation for reputable products of that sort early. A good reputation for... show more

So yeah. The TV is an old model. One of those old huge box/square type TV. I want a flat TV. Anyone know how can I mess with it to make it look broken or stop from running or scramble the image so my parents buy a new one.

Best answer: Buy a switch. About $10 from Amazon or Walmart.

Best answer: You do. You just need to Remember.