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Every time I take a picture & press the playback button It always shows a blue screen that says no images & I need to use it today for my sister graduation.. Can someone help me ?

Best answer: Laryngoscope? You could get one of those snakescope (borescope) cameras and see all they way to your intestines. Your next problem would be this - knowing what to look at for exactly. I assume you're not a doctor. Let's see you try swallowing that to the right length to view your vocal chords without gagging.

Best answer: Your facial features are distorted in photos because you're using a wide-angle lens. I'll be willing to bet any amount that you're having your photo taken with a smartphone. All smartphones use wide-angle lenses that heavily distort the perspective. By "perspective" I mean the size... show more

I have some old stuff like an empty USB drive, a Flash MP3 player, a digital voice recorder, and a very basic Samsung digital camera, all of which I no longer want, but I don't know what to do with it. I feel like the stuff is too obsolete compared to what's available now for me to consider selling it. Any... show more

Do I have to physically move the memory chip or is there something else that could facilitate this?

Best answer: Not at all. That's what the camera is made for. Shooting video is actually less of a burden on the camera since it doesn't put wear on the mechanical shutter used to take pictures.

Hi all, I’m looking to make the switch to a mirrorless system. I currently own canon, 77D and sigma 18-35 1.8. I’m looking mostly at Sony and Fujifilm. I need my camera to have a good lowlight performance, good autofocus and focusing capabilities (I have issues getting a sharp focus with my current gear and it... show more

Hey guys so I usually take pictures for chuch’s social media page & one morning my camera wouldn’t read my card it says “ No card in camera” I’ve been having the same card for about 3 years it’s a 64gb as card & I barely used half of its space, I ended up transporting the pictures to my laptop & then... show more

.. I ve dropped it before and it worked fine after. I think something got knocked out of place or something. I m wondering if I can take off the shell and fix it on the inside?