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Best answer: 100% yes. Hillary won literally every other group, and usually by large margins, in 2016, and Trump remains deeply unpopular with all those groups

Which country are you in right now?

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Best answer: None. All states in the USA welcome visitors.

Yes or no: you are so ready for death?

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Would you rather live in Washington or California?

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Just curious what you think based on exp or research. I would move to Washington in a heart beat but not a fan at all of the weather. I like the heat and not sure how I'd feel about being in rain 200 days out the year

What time is it in New York ?

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I am the last white guy in Australia. Does this make me special?

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Best answer: yes very special

Is it possible to get a US Passport online?

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I was wondering if it's possible to obtain a US Passport completely online or do you need to go in person for this process? Thanks!

That's really weird what's happening there, I don't understand why tourists (who bring in so much money to help their economy) would be targeted. It's almost like a store owner attacking a customer for no reason.

I'm 16 and soon I'll be travelling alone to Amsterdam. I have ASD and an anxiety disorder so airports scare the hell out of me. Is it at all possible for a guardian to accompany me to my gate? Through security and all that.

Where do I go for anxiety medication?

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I am going on a plane for the first time next week and am already having anxiety attacks just thinking about it. Where would I go to get something to take for the plane flight so I don’t panic?

My family has been to Florida several times, but has only gone to Disney, Universal, SeaWorld, Busch Gardens for the most part. I’m planning a vacation and am looking to explore somewhere else in Florida, any suggestions? I’m an older teenager and it’s just my parents and me.

TSA identification?

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I have to fly out for a funeral in a week, i however have misplaced my ID and not sure I will get a replacement by then. I was thinking about getting a passport, but not even sure that is possible at this time. i have credit cards, birth certificate, etc. I also have a photo copy of my identification card as... show more

Best answer: Old Coward has run away to the country.

is there something special about that weekend or are those expensive days of the week?