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Best answer: They probably want her to pay reparations to them.

Why did Jesus Die?

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There's no evidence that God exists?

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Is Mary the Mother of God?

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They are the actual words of Jesus himself from the New Testament. Disgraceful. When you command people to murder, that makes you also guilty of the murders. So, Jesus was a murderer. Question for Christians: Why do you worship a murderer?

My friend with benefits calls me a whore?

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I do date other men, but that doesn’t give him the right to call me a whore. Is he acting normal by calling me a slut, whore, etc?? Is that how normal fwb relationships go??

How old were you when you began to realize religion is BS?

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Do you really believe Trump acts like a real Christian?

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Best answer: Lying, cheating, adultery, and racist. Yep. He must be

Best answer: The story is total fiction of course. But in the fictional story, the biblical god had declared that all those people were "evil", and needed to be killed. I cannot see how they would have ended up in "heaven" if they were that evil.

Should Atheist Trolls be banned from posting in R&S?

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They're not here to talk about religion & spirituality... they're here to talk about how much they hate Christians.

Does u think atheists need too keep quiet?

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Best answer: i pray the atheists break free of the phase of atheism, dear. It is so much greater to live by the love of God, as he showed us through Christ, dear.

Seems kind of common sense, but the longer I work with the public, the more I realize it isn't so common sense to a lot of people. Right now I work in insurance do have to pay to insure your car, house, business, etc. It's not free. We all know this. I have clients who have had their... show more

Best answer: When this piece of fiction was written it was intended to be taken literally. All the stories in the bible were originally intended to be taken literally. But as the centuries have passed, and our knowledge has increased more and more of these stories have magically become "parables" and... show more

Best answer: It is possible, but the fact is that it was prophesied what type of death Jesus would succumb to. so your question is at a minimum irrelevant. Just this small portion of Psalm 22 describes His death. and the Old testament is full of this information. 16 For dogs have surrounded Me; The congregation of the wicked... show more

Why do some people still dispute Jesus’ existence?

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What's the main lesson to be learned from the Sodom and Gomorrah story?

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