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It is Spring and the American Midwest is hit with a major blizzard. Crop losses will escalate and price increases will be huge. Where is run away global warming?

It occurred to me that to even remotely balance the environment, majority of society would basically have to live similar to the Amish. Not to sound pessimistic, but I think it is hopeless as I seriously doubt majority people are willing to give up their current lifestyles for anything less.

Will Notre Dame ever be the same thing again?

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I know they intend to rebuild it, but will it ever be the same thing again? I believe that they can make it look the same, but in my opinion they will never be able to fully bring back what it once was. Because the originality is now lost, everything they make, as good as it might look, will be nothing but a... show more

Best answer: No, I don't think so. I asked a similar question along those lines a few months ago: "Hypothetically, what would be the conservative/libertarian way of quickly switching away from fossil fuels?" and those people that were the most anti-government free marketeers simply had no answer. I think a... show more

Not to mention a growing number of the public,his base included.

Fires burning in vineyards to protect them from frost in France in the middle of April 2019.

Global warming protests in London?

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to disrupt London's infrastructure for the 3rd day.These idiots need a lesson in common sense. How did they get to London in the first place-did they walk,ride a bike or hitch hike-I doubt it.Yes they used cars,public and private transport.What complete hypocrites! And now they are going to disrupt the London... show more

I documented in another question how 88-95 percent of plastic comes from 10 world rivers. They are all in Asia and Africa. (I can cite that again if needed). The US has vastly curbed a lot of pollution problems. Lake Erie has been cleaned up. Asbestos use is greatly reduced. There is no more lead in paint. ... show more

What Gives? UN Climate Report (Due 2022) Excludes Geologists?

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Geology is a key science to help our understanding of earth’s past climate. Yet, once again, the corrupt UN IPCC will deliver another biased report in 2022 that excludes ANY geologists. Geologist, Dr Roger Higgs exposes the reasons for this shameful omission in his paper ‘IPCC Intergovernmental Panel On Climate... show more

Bill Title: Relating to a restriction on restaurants providing single-use plastic straws to consumers; declaring an emergency. Summary: Prohibits food and beverage provider or convenience store from providing single-use plastic straw to consumer unless consumer specifically requests single-use plastic straw SB... show more

Why not let China and India take the blame for the wsrming?

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Best answer: Their GDP per capita is low. India's GDP per capita is $2,036 China's GDP per capita is $10,153 USA's GDP per capita is $65,062 US has lust for infinite growth and consumption. The top 1 percent of wealthy Americans are responsible for this

Who carries the seed? The man or the woman?

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Best answer: I believe in nonviolence

Which is the cheapest source of energy as of now?

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