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Can my parents kick me out when I turn 18?

18 answers · Law & Ethics · 9 hours ago
my parents do not have a lot of money so they will not be able to take me to court to evict me and even if they had money, my understanding is the eviction process can take months.

Is Donald Trump getting re-elected?

180 answers · Politics · 4 days ago

Is it illegal to keep a dog if I can't find the owner?

28 answers · Law & Ethics · 23 hours ago
I found what looks like a Siberian-Husky. She's pretty small but beautiful. I have seen her walking around my street for a couple of days now, I fed her once and gave her water once. She leaves but always comes back to walk around my street. I don't see anyone looking for her, she doesn't have a collar,... show more

Best answer: yes they have and yes they will continue to do so.

Best answer: White Supremacists and NeoNazis are a small minority in the US. They usually hide out in the sewers of any civilized nation and generally skulk around on the Dark web just waiting for a treasonous moron like Trump to collude with a foreign power and call them out into the open to share in his thievery. Eye roll

Will Donald Trump win the Noble Peace Prize?

25 answers · Politics · 9 hours ago
Best answer: Nobel. It's Nobel. And no, Donald Trump will not win it.

Should fags be illegal?

23 answers · Law & Ethics · 2 days ago
It makes me sick when I see them in public, I hate that my friends are ok with them and I can't believe parents let them near their children and influence them. They're just disgusting and I can't believe no one sees the health risks of smoking them

Best answer: Only the ignorant and/or uninformed and the rich will vote for him. The only people in my family who voted for him is a niece who has multi-millions and 2 brothers-in-law who are dumber than doorknobs.

I thought America was a smart country, but evidently not.

Why do you justify murdering animals for food?

24 answers · Politics · 17 hours ago

Why are Joe Biden's rallies so pathetically small?

48 answers · Politics · 2 days ago

Best answer: Because they know democrats are better at protecting their rights!