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Why does my cat sleep on top of me?

19 answers · Cats · 18 hours ago

And when she does play,it's not for very long.anyone have suggestions?

Would you like a puppy and a newborn baby?

18 answers · Dogs · 18 hours ago

There has been a black cat with kittens outside my house and I took food/water out to them. The mother always growls and hisses even if I just make eye contact with it. Is this rabies? If so, can it be spread from mother to kittens?

Why are veterinarians so damn money hungry ?

19 answers · Cats · 2 days ago
I went to the vet ( it was an emergency one ) because all the other ones were closed and they tried to tell me I had to pay $600 just for damn worm treatment ( it was my friends cat she was at work so I took her ) while last time I went for worm treatment at another vet it was only $80 . Plus this workers were... show more

The grief is unbearable.?

15 answers · Dogs · 3 days ago
My dog, who was my absolute best friend, passed away. He was the greatest dog ever. He was perfect in every way. He brought so much joy to my life. He died suddenly the other day. I haven't stopped crying since. I don't know what to do anymore. He was the reason I enjoyed life, he always made me smile and... show more

Should I give my dog CBD oil?

12 answers · Dogs · 1 day ago

What do you think of the name Honey for a dog?

30 answers · Dogs · 4 days ago

Is there a place where the nuts hunt the squirrels?

8 answers · Rodents · 8 hours ago

Can my 4 year old dog benefit from castrstion?

10 answers · Dogs · 19 hours ago
We have had a dog handed to us at the age of 4 as his old owner can no longer keep him. He's annoying at times and needs some work on his character. He barks at the tv over a load of sounds and scenes so we've been spraying him with water. He's massively on edge alot like he's excited and stressed... show more

What age is SAFE to spay a cat?

14 answers · Cats · 2 days ago
Best answer: Dogs are different then cats. Cats should be neutered/spayed between 3-4 months old. Some vets won't do it till 6 months old, but sadly female kittens can have their first heat cycle 4-6 months old and end up pregnant. Find a vet to do it at 3-4 months old. Kittens bounce back faster with early spay/neuter... show more

Why are little dogs more aggressive?

28 answers · Dogs · 5 days ago

Why is this image so funny?

11 answers · Dogs · 2 days ago

Mother cat keeps attacking the father cat?

8 answers · Cats · 1 day ago
My cats were always very loving and playful, they groomed each other all the time and when they grew up they mated, recently my cat gave birth and ever since then she has been attacking the male cat, he didn t harm the kittens or show any kind of threats, but she literally doesn t want him in site She has never... show more

Best answer: Chicken wire keeps the chickens in but does not keep the predators out. I kept losing chickens until I turned a solid building into a henhouse and close it every night. Their run is surrounded by cyclone fencing and roofed enough to keep out birds of prey. I do lose some eggs to black rat snakes but they pay for... show more

About cats urine?

7 answers · Cats · 22 hours ago
My male cat is about to be 1 year old this month he is not fixed and I think from yesterday I noticed too much meowing on the doors my female cat is in other room which door is closed and my cat was meowing there most of the time and sometimes at me or in kitchen today i noticed he went and peed for like 7 times... show more