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What caused the norte dame cathedral fire in paris france?

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Lefties what do you think of music legend, Morrissey?

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Best answer: Yes it is

Best answer: NO BUT THOSE WHO DENY GOD will pay the price unfortunately...It is not too late to pray to JESUS!

I believe that was God protecting Christians

Best answer: THEY ARE DOING A GREAT JOB with MORE TO COME And more intensified expertly located maximum effect. WAKE UP !! UK

Does anyone think its extremely sad about the Notre Dame cathedral?

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i saw this yesterday and felt shocked, i am not french but i am a british man of european descent from spain, and i felt a real shock and and anger at seeing the burning crashing spire of Notra Dame and wondering how it happened? i mean it was an an ancient piece of architect and building, which can never be... show more

Where is the Boston Marathon being help this year?

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Could the firey damage to Notre Dame be caused by a meteorite?

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Best answer: Nope. The roof had lead sheeting, over 850 year old wooden beams. Much more likely, renovation accident - since it happened after the end of the day work stoppage. Someone forgot to turn off a soldering furnace, spontaneous combustion from oily rags, sparks smoldering after a torch was used, or electrical sparking,... show more

Will it happen within say 12 months?

How would you fix the Cathedral of Notre Dame?

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Best answer: A Starbucks near the entrance would be nice.

Is he the greatest British traitor ever?

Mexican border patrol is not strong enough. I read on the Mexican news that migrants from Africa, Asia, Caribbean and Central America are stranded of the Mexican state of Chiapas to reach their way to the U.S. Mexican authorities are still struggling with the violent gang of migrants who have beat up several... show more