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Why are some Christians against Marriage equality?

61 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 1 day ago
Best answer: Why are Liberals opposed to interracial marriage?

How can I deal with my unobedient, rude daughter?

138 answers · Family · 4 days ago
My daughter is going to be 27 this much, she has no respect for other family members in the house. Her bedroom is always messy, she keeps bras and pants and old clothes on the floor, her bedroom has also a ghastly smell as she keeps plates that she has eaten from there, she dosent contribute any rent money, nor... show more

She made it all up just to hangout with me. But eventually I ended up seeing her wear a shirt she wore a week ago which made no sense because rich people don’t wear the same clothes ever again since they have money to buy all the clothes they want. Also she didn’t want me to go over to her house so I know she isn’t... show more

Is it cheating if my girlfriend doesn't know?

26 answers · Singles & Dating · 12 hours ago

A girl wants to have sex with my wife, should I allow ?

16 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 20 hours ago
My wife is 35 and she is 30. She is my wifes best friend and is is lusting after my wife. My wife also want some sex from her. But I donot feel comfortable ? Am I a protective husband ? Should I allow ?

SOO scared if my husband finds out?! My sister threatening me ?!?

12 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 11 hours ago
So my sister who I REALLY hate and we do not get along, she has decided to threaten me! She heard im getting married and wants to ruin the whole relationship. Exposing and leaking my old pictures when i was sooo fat and ugly before. And she also wants to leak them online?! What do i do.. this constantly bugs me... show more

I'm 25, a woman, and have never dated anyone before (I was too busy with career, lived somewhere where sex/dating is an extremely taboo thing, and also had to immigrate to here , all by myself. It wasted my early 20s completely😢😭). So anyways, I have just now started with "dating men" This is my... show more

Why does boyfriends older sister hate me?

12 answers · Family · 15 hours ago
I'm much slimmer than her but I don't see how she could be jealous of me. I'm with her little brother! Since the day she saw me she gives me dirty looks and I bet she talks about me to him and tries to put him off me.

Should I tell my son he was molested?

54 answers · Family · 3 days ago
My son was sexually abused by a family member between 11months and 3years old. He doesn't remember the abuse but I could never forget. We recently reconnected with that side of the family and I worry that they will ended up slipping up, or telling him and confusing, or upsetting him. He's 14 now but... show more

He wasted thousands of dollars that I worked hard for to party during his freshman year. It's probably time for me to kick him out.

Should I Move On From My Ex?

16 answers · Singles & Dating · 2 days ago
SO BASICALLY: I ve been dating this girl since 10th grade. I m 19 now. We ve been through a multitude of hardships, romance, and whatever the hell is synonymous with relationships nowadays. I must admit, I was not the best boyfriend to her. I never cheated on her or anything..but I wasn t being that supportive and... show more

My parents don't approve of my boyfriend?

47 answers · Singles & Dating · 3 days ago
I am 21 years old and my boyfriend is 3 years older than me (24). We've been dating for 5 months and I decided I wanted my parents to meet him. My parents are heavily involved in my life they have supported me and are the best parents in the world but they don't like my boyfriend. When we had dinner at... show more

Did you regret pre-martial sex on your wedding day?

41 answers · Marriage & Divorce · 4 days ago

Why does my best friend prefer not to wear panties?

50 answers · Singles & Dating · 4 days ago
Best answer: giving it a good airing

My husband's male friend is always texting him about gaming and drama he has with his girlfriend. How can I get rid of the friend?

My husband and I are both in our early 30s, healthy, attractive, but our sex life is nonexistent. We’ve been together 2 years and married for only a few months. We have a one yr old and newborn. I always have to initiate sex and usually he finds an excuse or if he agrees it doesn’t feel like he really wants it.... show more

Is it bad to ask them to pay for their own meal?

13 answers · Weddings · 14 hours ago
Best answer: Absolutely unacceptable. If you invite anyone to join you for a celebration meal, you are providing the meal. There is no grey area here- you pay for it, if you are inviting them.

Basically... The relationship was 5-6 months old. He used to treat me like a trophy, but that's okay... All guys do that He was verbally abusive at times... He'd always remind me how he's been such a help (which he was. He had helped me a lot). I never felt bad because of it But, one day, he was... show more