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Are cats freeloaders?

29 answers · Semarang · 3 days ago
I mean, dogs can work for their food, we eat cows, chickens and pigs, so it is useful to feed them, and of course horses, donkeys, etc, do something as well. But cats... We just feed them cause they are cute, no matter if they even like us or not.

Best answer: They do anything you want for money. especially if it's in Confederate currency

What if I'm Violation Nation!!? Would it matter?

6 answers · Palembang · 6 days ago
Best answer: And why should people even care... Half the people here are crazy and the other half are their other accounts.

Best answer: Rosemary's Baby In the Heat of the Night Bonnie & Clyde Psycho Cool Hand Luke

How did Michael Jackson get away with it?

16 answers · Palembang · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Money. Lots of it.

How can I get my dog fat.?

12 answers · Dogs · 2 weeks ago
Best answer: Yes, feed her trolls. They are usually 100% useless fat.

Best answer: Call them first. It maybe in the back bundled up ready to deliver.

Jobs for 14 year olds South Australia?

8 answers · Adelaide · 2 weeks ago
I'm looking for a job I'm 14 but I don't wanna work at Maccas or KFC etc

vet payments are so expensive. But what if I decide to youtube on what to do to help the dog be okay? Examples: if its sick, upset stomach, broken leg, etc

Best answer: The immigration thing about Brexit is a red herring promoted by the Remain campaign to try and make the Leavers look racist. Brexit is and always was about getting away from the political and economic domination of the EU.

Can you smoke in the Elk Lodges in Tennessee?

9 answers · Other - US Local Businesses · 3 weeks ago

Christians why are so many retailers shutting down?

7 answers · Other - Local Businesses · 4 weeks ago
Best answer: Amazon Online Shopping is cutting a big hole in the brick and mortar stores