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its the only leather jacket i have and it looks decent on me, but i dont want to have that emanating malaise of rich douchebag, you know? How many people are going to notice im wearing a $400 leather jacket? honestly, i wasnt the one who bought it. it was from my father and i neglected it for about 3 years. i... show more

It looks pretty but not sure if it should really be lingerie?

I'm thirteen and my parents say two pieces are "slutty" I want this: They said they would discuss it, but haven't mentioned it in a while so I would guess that's their nice way of saying no. I respect their decision, 'cause I... show more

Funeral attire?

6 answers · 12 hours ago
I want to know if it would be disrespectful to wear my black glittery shoes to my mother s funeral? It s the only black shoes I have. They are Christian louboutins with black crystals I only have that or knee length black boots? Thanks

Has anybody else had this problem I have suggested jeans, trousers, even just tights but she says she won't wear them. I just don't think they look good and she's dressing quite young for her age. She's nearly 15.

I'm on Amazon looking for a shirt and I found a shirt that has 2 sizes: 3X and 3XL; wouldn't they be the same thing?

I’m from a middle class family, but have a modest income. I can just afford to buy a few good pieces of clothes or jewellery occasionally. I tend to buy clothes that look expensive or cute, but come from Target, Kmart and Coles. Although sometimes I splurge on Myer or Esprit sweaters, or fancy dresses. Someone... show more

What is everyone wearing today?

7 answers · 3 days ago
Best answer: Assume clothes! Peace.

i really wanted to get a sterling silver cross necklace but then my friend got me this really cute gold necklace. i think i look good in both silver and gold. i don't know if i want to get gold or silver now.

How to make your feet better?

4 answers · 19 hours ago
So basically I have two events in two days and for both of them I will be wearing heels (block heels, about 10cm high)) how do I help my feet recover so I will be good to go the next day?

I am a 28 year old guy who has a fetish for poofy prom dresses and quinceanera dresses. Its to the point i have 46 poofy dresses and i get sexual urges when i meet up to buy them. I don't think any women or men are attractive, so i just have sex with dresses. Is having a fetish a bad thing? I'm perfectly... show more

Best answer: False. I never wash my face and don't have any problems with my skin

The long bangs where you flip it every 2 seconds, big puffy hair, and maybe a colored streak. Would you be down? Or nah.

Best answer: Maybe so they look pretty. But they are usually too short for a six feet tall guy and you have to tie them in the back so your buttocks doesn't hang out.