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Summer camp!?

5 answers · 18 hours ago
My son is going to summer camp next week, I have a meeting tomorrow to discuss him, due to his adhd, and other diagnosis’s. Should I bring the IEP (individualized Education plan) for them to see? Just a guess?

She has aspergers and she’s a little weird but nice. She’s really awkward in conversation or just talking and can’t keep conversation. So i kind of use her to talk to about my problems (i don’t know if she understands them or not though). But i know she won’t tell anyone anything about me. I feel the need to help... show more

My son is intellectually disabled at age 28 he's no where near ready to have his own place and may never be. I hate the thought of crushing his dreams of getting a job having a lisence and getting his own place. I tried letting him have his own place once and it was a disaster. I was afraid for his safety... show more

I think one of my teachers got a hold of my records and is disclosing it to people

Could I be autistic?

6 answers · 3 weeks ago
Best answer: I think a lot of people are deciding the have Asperger's when they do not. Just because they aren't brilliantly social. If you were Asperger's your way of talking would be somewhat robotic and you be really clueless socially.

Best answer: in the US, many months, but it also depends on the parents ability to make their case. if they don't really try to fight it, the district can start the process within weeks. once the process starts, it typically takes a few months to get into a placement. realize this is usually only done in extreme... show more

Best answer: if its mild and you are highly intelligent - I think I have heard of people being diagnosed with dyslexia after they have left college

Best answer: there can be

Is autism considered a disability?

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By autism, I mean everything from higher functioning to classic autism.

Best answer: If you can drive a truck properly, no one gives a **** about special ed. Just show you can do the job and you will be right to go.