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Best answer: True and True. The Marxist Union Indoctrinators are working diligently to assure the claims of Stalin come true. "Give me just one generation of your youth and I will own you."

Is freshman year in college hard?

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I'm a senior in high school and all of the high school years I've spent being lazy and relying on my tutor to teach me. Can I get through college?

Best answer: It depends on the university admission requirements. If the university accepts with GPA of 2.7, then you can apply. But check whether that university offers good quality education or not. It is risky to study at a university with a low GPA. I would suggest to go business school which accepts low GPA and good... show more

Best answer: yes

Best answer: Bwahaha! Don't expect to expect to get so much as a job interview for dog washer at the pet grooming salon. Any degree with "studies" in the title is worthless from an employment perspective.

How do people afford college in US?

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Best answer: Where are you in your schooling. The path goes like this: 1. Graduate from high school 2. Go to the best 4-year university you can get into and pay for 3. Take your medical school prerequisites and get great grades 4. Graduate from college 5. Take the MCAT 6. Apply to medical school 7. Graduate from medical... show more

What can I do with a joint major?

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I want to go to UCD and major in sociology. It says I can do a joint major with a list of subjects (I want to do it with geography) so what is a joint major and what can I do with that.

Best answer: They tend to make offers as they receive applications. Eventually they have made more than their quota on the basis that not everyone will get their grades, some will defer to a later year, and others will take up a place somewhere else. They want to attract good candidates and don't want to see them going off... show more

I'm currently 23 years old (female) and choose to go straight into the workforce after high school. However, the only job experience I really have is retail/cashiering. I was considering getting a business/accounting degree so I can get into more of an office job. Since I've been living with my parents,... show more

I’m going to be 25 when I finish my bachelors degree I don’t want to just keep going to school I want to work.. but I need to get it so I can be able to study for my cpa exam.. any advice? 😭

Full Ride for Wright State?

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Im a home-schooled 10th grader, my dream college is wright State University. Is there anyway I could get a full-ride scholarship from wright State if I graduate 3.3 or higher GPA? Could I get a letter of recommendation asking if they could waive the costs of going there? Im working hard so I'm not expecting... show more

Best answer: Doesn't make any difference. If is what you do after university that people remember. What you do at university is just not that important in the scheme of things as you are only there for 3 or 4 years but your working life could last more than 40 years.

Best answer: Yes, but how that works depends on the specific school. All universities have limited capacity. They determine how many kids they can accept and enroll each year. Every school that offers Early Action or Early Decision, sets aside a percentage of their total number they can accept for these and also set aside a... show more

she finished college with a social work diploma and was doing real estate. While im 25 and still in college in first year of nursing, almost failing one of my classes. She copied my math work and made me do one of her hw.

Best answer: it is not but you are wrong on how long. I started in 2014 at 36 and am 2 semesters from my Bachelors. Then it takes 2-4 to get your Masters. There is no guarantee you will go straight through.

Best answer: Many science majors require you to take calculus and possibly physics. You will be better off having a base in trig and calculus at the high school level. Usually HS require three years of math. And most universities require you to three years of math in high school.