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Where emphasis is place on giving the students the education where when they graduate they can go out and start a career instead being indoctrinated in liberal ideology and getting an education in which there is no demand for.

I’m 17 in 11th grade right now and I’m going to be looking at colleges next year. I plan on majoring in forensic science. From what I’ve heard, college basically takes up all free time you have...is that true?? As of now, I’m high school, I always get my work done super fast, get good grades and have a lot of free... show more

When I applied for University, I was told to apply for at least 4, and anywhere, so I have more of a chance of getting in, not to set heart on a particular one. I got 3/4 offers, i accepted the university closest to where I live, purely to maintain a relationship, because at the time I was living with my... show more

How to drop all my classes?

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Im already failing one of my classes and the homework is too hard for another class. I dont think college is for me. How to properly drop my classes? and will i get my money back?

Best answer: Good Evening, College is a gamble. No matter what major you decide to pursue it is still what you make of it. I can not tell you if the degree is worth it but I can say that you may have a better opportunity in landing a good job with a college degree. A degree in English as an undergrad may land you a job as a... show more

I’m in highschool and I’m interesting in becoming a PA. I’ve been researching ALOT but I haven’t really had a direct answer on how to become a PA. I read you have to have 3 years of experience in working in something health care related. If I became a CNA and worked part-time thoughout collage and then after I... show more

Quitting since they can’t take calculus again.

In the fall, I will be a freshmen at University of Oregon. My parents don’t want me to work during my freshmen year but I have a job now and will work through the summer. I’ve been putting money into savings for my college spending money but was wondering how much I will actually need. I will be staying in the... show more

I was a human biology major with a cumulative GPA of 1.9. I cannot apply for reinstatement until a year from now. Being a bio major, I have completed lots of the prerequisites for the nursing program but not all of them. I m stuck as to what are the next steps to take, how can I proceed to complete a BSN program by... show more

So I'm a junior in HS and they're telling us to start thinking about college. I'm wondering, if I do two years at a community (because I need to save money lol) and two years at a Uni, will I still graduate the Uni with the Class of 2024? Or will I have to complete all four years in the uni and go with... show more

What is dna?

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