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What did you major in in college?

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Basically my mom is unemployed due to a disability and my dad makes about $12,000 a year. Because of my income, the school gives me enough grants and loans to cover my entire tuition plus an extra 1000 dollars every semester to spend on books and supplies. And since I don't live in the dorms, I don't have... show more

I'm going to trade school right now, have multiple certificates in carpentry, plumbing, and electrical, soon to be going to a photovoltaics classes. Trade school is amazing, and trade school is extremely cheap! I already have a job that I am certified for and they are ready to hire me for 20 an hour STARTING... show more

I am a rising high school senior who plans to go to college. I'm torn between 2 places: 1 is a somewhat far away state school while the other is a university 40 minutes away. The closer one is not quite as good a school, while the other is a little better, but much farther away. My close friend wants me to join... show more

I want to know how people's jobs/careers line up with their degree of choice. Feel free to include previous, current, and future job prospects.

I'm in high school and I have no social life. I just go home and sleep everyday but I want to change when I'm in university/college. How do I get invited to these parties? Do I have to be invited or do I just show up?

I took calculus my senior year of high school and passed with flying colors. However, I must not have done the best on my college math placement test because instead of being in Calculus I, I'm in College Algebra. It probably isn't a big deal but I'm a bit of a perfectionist when it comes to school. I... show more

Is there another major I can major in for studies to become a Dermatologist Pa, or Dermatologist, besides Biology. Something that is easier?. Like maybe Science, or something?. I heard majoring in Biology is extremely HARD and stressful. Dont know If im willing to take on that. Thanks

Is college a scam?

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after finishing my bachelor degree in bio to get a good job

I currently have my certificate in Early Childhood Education but I want to earn my associates degree and someday maybe even my bachelors. I work full time at a daycare. I'm planning on going to school in the mornings and working in the afternoons and evenings. Me and the father aren't together but he or my... show more

My main problem is the length of time it takes for me to get through my studies. I've always been a "B" student but I have to work very hard to maintain my grades. I find myself studying twice as much as my peers only to achieve the same grades as them, if not worse. HOW DOES EVERYONE ELSE DO IT? Why... show more

I go to a very large school so I always have wide variety of professors and classes to choose from for gen eds. Thanks to rate my professor, I ended sophomore year with a 3.7 GPA because I chose the 'easy' professors for my gen eds. I am starting my major classes next semester and even if I don't do as... show more

I’m applying to some now and I don’t know what to do

I am completely fed up with the American healthcare system. I am tired of dealing with insurance companies and having to see people go without life saving medicine because it’s too expensive. I’m looking into moving to either Sweden or Finland in the next few years, and I was curious as to if my bachelors would be... show more

Pls what should I do?

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Hi I'm currently in college studying criminal justice and I'm paying out of pocket.I want to become a police officer. Someone told me I'm wasting my money and time for college that I dont need a degree to become a cop. Pls is this true?

That's what I heard...

Best answer: Nursing doesn’t require any externships, but they are highly encouraged. However, school clinicals provide you with a good amount of experience. I would say almost everything in the medical/health field does not require any internships. Teaching as well, because your school will provide you with field experience.

I want to graduate Summa *** Laude so I will need to be in the top 10 percent of my class. I want to go to an Ivy League grad school. How many hours should I work for it to not interfere with my studies?

How to pass my retake classes?

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I can't afford to retake again. How do I pass for sure this time?