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What more do liberals want?

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Best answer: Good economy. A single mother struggling to pay bills and care for her kids after her husband/bf left, on 10 bucks an hour. Homeless veterans. Ford had a billion dollars in losses- lay offs. Sears and Kmart closing over 100 stores. Booming.

and built the pyramids too? What is wrong with most people?

Best answer: They prioritize the short term over the long term. If we don't care for health, education or the environment will that be good for the economy of the future?

What is your go to meal when eating out?

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Do liberals ever stop complaining?

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They sound like angry 3 year olds on repeat

Best answer: The only blood E Warren has in her is that of a sea hag.

Best answer: It will be an abomination and most likely suffer from sickle-cell anemia and mental health issues in later life.

Whoever is moving questions does their cause a disservice. Trying to stifle anything but pro-monarchist questions in the Royalty category only serves to further exhibit the undemocratic qualities of a dying institution like the anachronistic monarchical system in the UK. Resorting to outright censorship is a... show more

Why no Africans work at McDonald's?

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Best answer: dey too good for dat yo

Best answer: You are wearing clothes that give her access to feel you easily. She was enjoying her time kinda used you for her own joy, probably one of the best moments of her life.

Where did the English come from?

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Best answer: Africa like everyone else, and their religion comes from the Middle East, they are the result of many years of race mixing and debauchery.

Does anyone care about Prince Andrew and Euginie ?

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So prince Andrew is complaining about how most people didn't give a damn about yesterdays wedding. On a weekday, with a bunch of people that everyone forgets are actually royals...

Best answer: It might be, its why the monarchy keep on getting huge pay rises, Its not working though, she is still as unpopular as she was when she initially destroyed Charles marriage.

Burger King or Wendy's?

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Best answer: Only at Burger King.

Do you agree that McDonald's has become too expensive?

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It costs more than $2.50 for a McDouble in Canada.