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even though he was a Republican???

Cheapest fast food options for lunch?

6 answers · Fast Food · 1 day ago
I'm spending $25+ on McDonalds every day, I need something cheaper...I usually order a couple of burgers, couple of fries & McFlurrie/s... thanks xx

My "friend" is extremely stingy?

3 answers · Cozumel · 8 hours ago
My best friend and I have known each other for forty years, and went to grade school and college together. He became a stockbroker and now owns four houses and is worth around $7 million. I own a convenience store, which makes me about $2,000 a month, and I have three children. From time to time I ask my friend... show more

Guys: how would you take this if you were me?

4 answers · Ciudad Juarez · 17 hours ago
I was working as a waiter on a quiet midweek day and I was taking finished plates back to the kitchen when I felt a stare and immediately looked to my right and 1 of these 3 girls was smiling/smirking at me and looked me down at my side/arm when I looked at her (im tall and lanky and my arms looked a little bit... show more

What happens if I eat someone’s food at a restaurant?

7 answers · Other - US Dining Out · 7 days ago
Best answer: U digest it

Best answer: Pick a book before 2000. I recommend reading "The Color Purple", "Wide Sargasso Sea", or "The Awakening" since you should be able to finish them quickly considering summer is almost over but if you still have a lot of time I recommend "Jane Eyre", "Wuthering... show more

What times Mcdonalds Stop serving breakfast?

11 answers · Fast Food · 6 days ago
Best answer: Never. They don't have to now that everything is a frozen meal. Heat it and eat it all day and all night