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Best answer: Yes, but if the item(s) to be powered draw(s) a lot of current, beware of voltage drop. Make sure that the voltage at the appliance end of the cord measures at least 110 (220 where applicable) with the appliance(s) operating. Larger wire (lower AWG number) is always better.

Best answer: Disagree. Step 1: Confirm your homeowners or other insurance will cover your liability for any damage or injury caused by your UAV. Step 2: Search and read up on "drone flyaway" and get comfortable with the possibility that your UAV will fly away on its own, never to be found - possibly causing damage... show more

Just interested.

Best answer: they may be someones treasured vintage doodads in 20 years no one thought the 50s & 60s comic books would become valuable,,thought to be lo life trash for lo lifes back in the day,,wholda thought? hang onto them

I have a hdmi device which plays movies and tv shows and would like to connect it to a vcr so I can record some of the shows and the shows aren’t on any longer

Best answer: Most people watch a movie once or twice. One month of unlimited streaming is the cost of one disc.

Without using a voltage converter would this approach still charge my device and does not cause harm to it?

Best answer: Hi yes sure you can.

Cb radio in home?

4 answers · 2 weeks ago
Ok, i have a cobra 29 wx st sound tracker cb radio and a magnetic mount antenna. I want to run it in my house. I know it needs to be grounded to work but im not sure exactly if i can use the magnetic mount in my house. I have a 12 volt ac to dc adapter run to the cb and it seems to work fine but the lights do dim a... show more

Best answer: There are repair kits for the carbon pads on rubber buttons. However, you could use aluminium tape if you can cut a small-enough piece and get it to stick to the broken carbon. A long time ago I did that, and the problem never occurred again. Replacement pads should be available if nothing else works.

Voltage Stabilizer?

5 answers · 2 weeks ago
have below mentioned electronic equipment's and I am planning to buy a voltage stabilizer to connect and use all the devices same time. Could you please suggest me what capacity of Voltage stabilizer to buy (3A or 5A or 6A or any other) 1. 55 inch LED TV - power consumption 130 Watts 2. Blu ray Player - power... show more

Best answer: If it didn't have that effect, would you get up, or would you stay in bed?

Is Wi-Fi bad for you?

17 answers · 4 weeks ago
We've had Wi-Fi in our house since I was 12 and im nervous it might be bad especially since im still young. Is it?

(the small glass/metal tube piece)