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I live in the state of North Carolina and I rent a home. My lease says that I may own a dog with the landlords permission but when I asked my landlord for permission she gave me a list of requirements my dog had to meet in order to be there. Can she legally do this if it isn’t specified in the renters agreement.... show more

My aunt just purchased a home that is currently being built and has bet me $50 bucks that I wont figure out her new address by Saturday. Any ideas on how I can figure out her address? I really want to shock her lol

Landlord emptied my basement?

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he threw everything out, can he do this, how do i get it back? -Daryl

There is a lot of great land in bad neighborhoods close to downtowns of cities that could be used for middle class affordable housing. What stops developers from building gated communities there? What stops them is the fact that, most often, families avoid moving to bad neighborhoods because of bad schools (and... show more

ok,my grandfather passed away this Saturday,and i have been living in his apartment since i was a baby. i don't work or go to school. i am planning to get ssi disability and money. is there a way i can get succession of my grandpa's apartment?

I'm over 18 and would like to save money in order to rent my own place. I live with my parents who are on section 8. My mom and I have worked in the past and the family's rent was jacked up too high to SAVE money. I don't expect to be on a social program AND be able to save money but I would like to... show more

paying rent for those 3 years since he not legaly dead the property wont go to anyone till hes declared dead so shouldnt i as tenent not have to pay rent just curious no danger

My landlord haven't given me a lease since march of 2018. I'm moving out in November, I don't want to pay because It haven't been a month since I last payed him. I will pay him for the half month I've lived here. Im just wondering if he can send eviction?

Hi, I recently signed the lease on a apartment but it was really my second choice. My first choice one went down in price and I thought that I might try to back out of the first one. I had actually signed the whole lease and everything and my move in date is awhile away but I signed it only a week ago. But then... show more

I am in deep financial debt and want to cut back as much as I can. Truth be told, I can live fairly simply. My uncle has an old RV he'd love to get rid of, I could get solar panels, buy a compostable toilet, and land out in the country is dirt cheap. I was thinking I could buy an acre, park it back off the... show more

I’ve literally been here for 6 hours with chronic sinusitis and someone who came in AFTER me with a “my elbow hurts” complaint is going in before me.. she’s been here for less than an hour!! The NHS is absolute garbage. I’m still sitting here like a clown sick asf but everyone else is getting help.

I had the impression that all buildings depreciate.

I'm wokring with a real estate agency to build a brand new home, and now 6 months in, I kinda just want to walk away. First my house was supposed to be completed in September, but since it's a new sub division they were too busy and overbooked so my house was barely started in September. My agent, who is... show more