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How to earn money at age 12?

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Im still a college student and I don't have a legit job yet. I babysit here and there to pay off few bills and don't pay taxes cuz I don't make much. a few years ago I worked at a movie theater for 3 months. so thats the only time I payed taxes. but now since I'm moving out of my parents place I... show more

demand I pay the full amount at once. If I have a mortgage with a set time like 30 years, could banks demand I pay it all at once if my credit score drops below a certain point. I was watching youtube videos and people said banks do this sometimes

My friend/co worker started offering me a ride home because my house is on her way home. She literally passes my street to get home. I don't get rides with her every day, however. I want to compensate her for something, but I can't think of something fair for the both of us. A part of me is like... show more

Best answer: Go to any bank. Bring your ID with you. Tell them you want to open a savings account. They will walk you through it from there.

Trading in a vehicle?

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I was just wondering when you can trade a vehicle, I’ve geen told anytime. Also been told, after a year etc… so when can you trade one in? And if you have to stay with the same dealer like ford to Chevy

I just had a death in the family and found out that I will inherit 2.5 million dollars. What the hell do I do with that much money? I'm not rich, I make 40k a year. Obviously I will hire a financial advisor, but what would you do with it?

I don't have a bank account and the bank that issued it does not cash checks over $2500 from non customers. I can't open bank account at the moment.

How can I start saving for a house?

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Best answer: At $25 per week, you'll have enough to buy a house in about 100 years. The best thing you can do right now is work on increasing your salary. Work hard, take classes, get involved in other aspects of your business, until you are qualified for a higher-paying position.

Best answer: No. You have no credit, etc. You could not have a proper job if you have no SSN. And $65/month is far too little to repay $1000 with interest tacked on if you could qualify for credit. You will have to save up the $1000 before you can make the purchase.

Best answer: No, it does not mean either of those things. It means the total of everything they own (stocks, bonds, money in the bank, etc.) minus everything they owe (mortgage, credit card balances, student loans, etc.)

I live with my parents and work, I have nothing to spend my money on. So I’m saving it for whatever, I’m 17. I just got into a financial literacy class and my teacher says it’s not healthy to save ALL your money. Why is it unhealthy to do this?

Is there a point in making a will?

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Best answer: You should have a will. What about your personal possessions, family photos, household things, whatever you might own? Some things you might want to leave to your heirs cannot really be sold to pay off your debts. Make a will.

Best answer: I've never seen a rich person who underestimates least the ones who earned their money.

My parents don’t know about and I’m worried they will find out or something will happen. I’m only 17 and legally I can’t take out a loan. Ahhhh what have I done someone please give me advice?

Best answer: Did you get a degree that was in demand? Did you get a job in your field? If the answer to both of those is yes. Did you know it was a lower paying job when you were earning this degree? Are you working at a job where you aren't getting appropriate experience or increases? you can look for a new job.

Car insurance for a 17 year old?

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How much would it be for liability in the state of Texas, specifically college station Texas a college town. How much would it be with a Chevy impala/Honda accord or Ford Explorer or Ford Ranger and any small truck. I plan on saving $5000 by the end of summer. I plan on spending $1500/$2000 on the car and the rest... show more