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I know social security takes back the recipients monthly payment for the month they pass away. How do they take it back? Is it electronically withdrawn back from the bank account? Most people live so tight there isn't much left after bills. What if there isn't enough there to take it back? Will they just... show more

It's my first payment , I called and said I would be in this Thursday because how my paycheck was set up, she said she would make a note in the system ? Should I be okay ? I am going to pay just my paycheck came 5 days after.

Or, am I still required to make my regular payments, even if I mark extra payments as principal only to lower my balance faster and save thousands in interest?

but not the bank name?

My sister can’t pay her bill, but ours combine. I pay $102, she pays $85. What happens if I only pay mine??? I usually pay the whole amount of ours combined and she pays me the same day when she gets out of work but since we have the mortgage payment(we pay to live at my parents house until we can leave) she won’t... show more

Me and a group of people got a settlement check from our former employer. I am the only one who got a larger check it’s 1786 everyone else got 500-600 dollars. They had no issues cashing their checks but chase bank put a hold on mine for 11 business days. I went to the bank and they didn’t give me any answers.... show more

I have 3 siblings and I am the second oldest in my family. They ended up only setting one college fund account for all three of us. I have a sister who is going to be a senior in college, and they ended up paying for most of her college for 3 years. I am going to be in college in next year and they broke the news... show more

I am single and make about 24k a year.

New Office Assistant Job?

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Best answer: That's a typical money laundering practice. Dupes like you are picked up weekly by the cops and prosecuted as accessories.

Best answer: 7k seems like a decent start to me. You've got another (near) 40 years to work on it. Shoot for at least a million @ retirement.

Is that a good income ?

I need to do a calculation to see if going back to school for an degree is worth it. Specifically, I need to analyze: -When I will be able to make the money back -When my investment will turn into income -How my debt will factor in to current debt -What this means practically for me over the next 10 years I would... show more

I recently opened a checking account with Chase (JP Morgan Bank) a few months ago. I received a settlement check and went into cash it but the lady told me she would have to deposit it into my account and the bank would be placing a hold on it. It says “available balance the money I had in there before”... show more

So a month ago I went to get $500USD from my bank for a trip. The teller counted it out and gave it to me, and being a cashier I counted it again to make sure. I signed the receipt and went away. Today, over a month later I got a phone call saying they gave me $600USD and would be taking the extra $100USD out of my... show more

Most banks never offer more than 3 meanwhile the average annual inflation rate is 3.15 so doesn t that mean they are losing value on their savings?

Or do you feel safe using your regular loaded account?

Best answer: Never

I ordered some ice pop from an online retailer and it says "3 oz sticks". When I received it, it says 2.5 oz on the package. So the entire package is about 20 oz less than advertised. So what should I do????