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My dad got $200,000 from the sale of a business. They have $150,000 in savings and no pension etc/. They receive SS but that is it. Should this new money be put in CD's as they don't want to risk it. Any ideas would be appreciated.

Is cryptocurrency legitimate?

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Let's say I wanted to know all publicly traded companies in the U.S. with P/E ratios under 15. Is there a program or website that can search like this? I have to look stuff up one by one and it's annoying. Would like a way to quickly organize and "rank" this info. Thanks!

I own 19,000 shares of SGYPQ. Does anyone know when I can expect compensation/when bankruptcy settlements should wrap up? It's my understanding that after debtors are paid, remaining balances will go to shareholders, even of common stock. Thank you!

Can you lose money on bonds ever?

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Stocks go up and down, but are bonds safe because they have a fixed interest rate to them?

Best answer: Not that much, you make money if you can predict the ups and downs not the long hold

Anything from business & finance terminology to stock market activity or even just smart money moves. Where did you learn it? Friends and family? YouTube videos? School?

Best answer: You don't use nor can use an "App". You must go through a broker/dealer- Visit the web site of a broker/dealer you know of, or one you have heard of or visit a local office of the firm. Schwab, Ameritrade, Fidelity, Wells Trade, or you can visit the branch of a major bank.. Regardless of how you... show more

How to turn $5,000 into $10k?

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What are the rules of investing?

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Best answer: The low paying ones ARE insured. The higher paying ones are not. But still pretty darn safe. SPRXX is the one at Fidelity that is not insured. FDRXX is insured. Vanguard Prime Money Market Fund is not. Most of the time, they automatically put you in the insured fund unless you buy the uninsured one. The chances... show more

Best answer: yes. It's good to do that both ways. Just as a suggestion: When ever you buy a stock always consider the price you'd sell it at. Also, just as a matter of style...only a suggestion...stay away from penny stocks or pink sheets. Very few people are successful at day trading. Go for the long pull.