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Also, how is it right to show 10 places to fill a prescription for the same medicine & have the price be so different? The cost of the medication should be required by law to be the same everywhere. I have to throw away money monthly for a stand alone part D medicare prescription plan. I would hardly get any... show more

So I went to the hospital to get a pill. But I called on the phone before and asked how much it would cost, if they take my insurance, etc and they said it won’t cost anything with insurance. So I went to get it and asked another lady again while she took my insurance card, and she said no cost. I get a hospital... show more

Best answer: Not likely since that was a unique set of circumstances. But, anybody's guess would be no more valid than the next.

Read on to find out more about nine common types of insurance you may want to consider buying. 1. Health Insurance 2. Dental insurance 3. Disability insurance 4. Life insurance 5. Pet insurance 6. Home insurance 7. Car insurance 8. Flood insurance

I have no savings account because our bills must be paid (obviously). I also haven't been able to put money into my IRA for 3 years because of lack of add'l funds. However, because I don't have extra money for those unexpected bills, I took out an AFLAC policy for me, my husband and daughter (family... show more

Best answer: Maybe go to a free clinic our county facility.

my home was destroyed by fire, insurance company hired an adjuster to come out, so adjuster came out and took photos, statements , measurements etc, I was told that they have everything they needed to process a claim, now its been a month and a half and I just received a request from insurance company to fill out a... show more

Insurance for Self Employed?

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I make too much for medicare, but I need insurance. I don't make enough to be uninsured, and I have a chronic disease that requires me to take care of it with super, stupidly expensive medicine. Suggestions welcome, please don't reply if you don't have anything constructive to say.

Who pays for demo after fire loss?

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my property was damaged by fire and then city decided to demolish the building they said it was unsafe, building was demolished, building was insured for $60,000, now city is asking for $55,000 for the demo. will my insurance pay for the demo separate from the $60,000? any idea . my policy states that insurance... show more

Best answer: Phone your insurance company and ask if they cover breast reduction surgery and what their guidelines are. Your insurance company (like ALL insurance companies) has certain restrictions and requirements that must be met before they'll cover a surgical procedure. See your primary care physician. One of the... show more

in a nutshell: involved in accident sons and wife injured our healthcare paid everything less the co-pay s demand letters sent including ENTIRE amount billed by health providers question: after I receive my settlement check do they just pay the outstanding co-pay balance and I keep the rest? i.e ER visit was... show more