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When credit card companies first rolled out chip cards, my coworker, who went to school for Information Technology, told me they will eventually figure out how to crack the chips. And today, stores sell RFID wallets, which are supposed to block thieves from scanning your card while it’s inside your pocket! But how... show more

I was on maternity leave for longer than most women are on because I quit my job weeks before I had my baby. I started applying for jobs a few months ago and just last week I got a job. I owe money on my car from this month and am already late on this month and I’ll probably be a bit late on next months too. If I... show more

my credit is not very good, around 570. However, I was sent a pre approval letter from first access. I was denied. Why did they deny me after sending me a pre approval

How to build back your credit?

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Hey you all, I’m 23 years old and my boyfriend of 6 years ended up taking off with a financed vehicle, in both of our names, and missed two payments on it. He refuses to give me the vehicle back after our relationship ending over a year ago, and is also refusing to pay. As of now, I have gotten the vehicle paid... show more

Applying for credit card?

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Even though I’m a grown adult I don’t have a credit card. Don’t want one, don’t want any extra debt other than car & mortgage. One of my kids needs braces and they want a lot up front that I can’t just take from my checking account. I’m having to apply for a CC. This is going to be just mine so on one... show more

Can they use this as a trick to try to collect the old debt?

two accts from 2008 and 2010 was just recently turned over to them. Between those dates up to 6/15/19I have never received a bill or anything from a hospital. My credit report is clean nothing derogatory or anything negative

I want to save on interest but raise my credit score at the same time. Do individual credit card utilization matter or is it the over all utilization that affects credit? I have 5 credit cards all of them have different APR. Should I put extra money towards the highest APR, or the card with the highest utilization?

Hey guys, so long story short. My brother did someone a favor & let them open a cellphone family plan under his name. They switched to another company that was cheaper but did not pay their remaining balance owed to the first company. My brother is no longer the person of the account for their "'new... show more

700+ FICO score?

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I have a 708 FICO score right now. I have three credits with balances. My car loan, and two retail credit cards. All of them with on time payments never missed. I recently got a full time job, and work a part time on the side. If I were to get a car loan, would my credit score get me a good APR with at least... show more

Best answer: They are both reliable cards.