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Co-worker deliver it instead?

Best answer: Well it couldn't be more obvious could it? They're working for and with the corporations. The Bush family had a whole long list of corporate crimes where they used the government in order to further their military, oil, banking, real estate, drug scams. Fraud on a massive scale. That's just one example,... show more

Best answer: Ignore them, they have a right to pay family or anyone to do nothing. I worked for a CPA who hired his idiot grandson, the boy knew nothing and was paid about twice what the receptionist was paid. If the boy was smart it would have helped him get a start after a degree in accounting, boy wasn't smart. Grandpa... show more

Best answer: 7,135 Banks. The US has the most banks in the world in terms of institutions (7,135 at the end of 2010) and possibly branches (85,000). And US Banks have alot of branches in other countries. Europe Banks have this money %54 , US have %15-16 and The Asian Banks have %14-16. Now we can understand why The Europe BANK... show more

Best answer: Trickle Down Theory of Economics – doesn’t work The simple-minded idea that cutting taxes on the "rich" suffices to raise the standard of living of all concerned does not have a great track record. Name any economist, outside of an insane asylum, who had ever said any such thing. In the US: The richest... show more

Best answer: Sear, once a company that lead in finding new ways for sales and reaching the general population. Somehow from in the 70/80's got stuck in a rut, failed to move with the times, failed to see and develop things like internet sales, failed to adjust their price points to their competition and quality, failed to... show more

Best answer: Unlike CSAA-AAA, make it easy to pay premiums online from all devices.

I resigned at Amazon and was told that I would be eligible for rehire after 7 days. Today makes the 8th day and so I reapplied and was sent an email stating that they would be evaluating my profile and seeing if I am in fact eligible and if in fact I was, they would follow up with the steps. How long would that take?

Best answer: What HAPPENS there? Tech companies go there and do business, that's what happens. How to be part of it?? By being a part of a tech company, obviously. How old are you?

Does usps deliver on sundays?

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I’m majoring in finance, and I’m trying to find jobs that pays at least around 70k entry level and eventually maybe around 90-100k after a few years. Keep in mind I said AT LEAST, so I’d probably lean towards a higher entry level salary, but the most important thing to me is probably work/life balance. I don’t... show more

I’m 20 and I work for Walmart. I used to be on vernight shift but now I work 1-10pm as a stocker and unloader now . I hate unloading a truck but stocking isn’t bad. I didn’t like overnight stocking because of the time and I don’t this shift only because sometimes they make me go to the back and help unload boxes... show more

they certainly are not helpful..and in fact hinder me in my research

Best answer: You know that how? Were you there? FACT!! You have a closed mind. How do you know it's a lie if you weren't there? Oh right. Because you are busy defending this man. I wasn't there either but I do have an open mind. Does an open mind frighten you?