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How do I prove to my friends that I have a job?

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Best answer: If your friends think you can "just walk up in there and start making food'. then I'm not sure anything you do or say will convince them. They sound like idiots.

I want to quit my job, but i ll become homeless if i do?

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OK, so i started working at a prison and i absolutely HATE IT, people there obviously don't like me. I don't like the environment, i hate the prisoners that i'm near. And there's also a lot of restriction on what i can and can't say on social media now because of me working in the prison?!... show more

Was I fired unfairly?? Help?

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I just got hired to this cashier/barista job about a week ago. I started training on monday and then the second day I was training the manager pulled me aside and told me I’m too slow and not enthusiastic enough so he wasn’t gonna continue the training. I convinced him to give me one more chance, so he gave me... show more

Is it a bad idea to exaggerate on a resume? For example work dates, etc?

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Job working directly for MOD?

How can I get fired from my dumb job?

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I've been at this place for 7 years. It's a cashier job at a store. I want to move on with my life and find a better, higher-paying job. I don't want to be working here forever. How can I get fired so that I can move on?

Private Sector employees on the other hand grovel and beg not to be kicked like pathetic slaves. Groveling more doesnt protect you. Only the force of Unionizing will make your life better.

Should I include McDonalds on my CV/Resume?

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Hi there, I'm applying for various graduate jobs mainly in Audit. I have few relevant work experiences such as working in an office, leading a society; but I also worked at McDonalds for four years. Should I include this?

What are some of the worst jobs in your opinion?

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I just started working In a restaurant and I’ve never worked in a restaurant before. Honestly I HATE IT I even cried yesterday i feel like a slave working there and the managers and chefs belittle you. I won’t ever work in a restaurant again! I still have a 2nd job. I’m suppose to be going in in a hour and I sent... show more

How do I explain why I left my last job?

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My last job was a 6 month contract, however the contract could be extended. I did well at the job and passed my 6 month probation period. A week later I finally spoke up about a co worker that I was sitting next to. She has been at the job 7 years and is very competent, but a nasty person. She was gossiping about... show more

Are there any other jobs that are just as simple as Dishwasher?

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Is it really possible to make a good living on the Internet?

9 answers · Marketing & Sales · 1 day ago
I hear so many things about affiliate marketing and sales, passive income, etc. Could a person really make a living online like that? Or is it just a pipe dream?

What would you guess I'm doing wrong?

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I'm a college graduate with an engineering degree. I've had over 50 interviews and haven't had a job offer. It's been 4 months.

I don't know what to do with my life I don't want to grow up?

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Best answer: Discover something you love to do, figure out a way to make money doing it, then you will never have to work a day in your life. You love dancing, figure out how you can make enough money to survive dancing. You'll have nothing to worry about.

How to lay-off a toxic part-time employee / friend?

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Best answer: Oh my goodness. So many of us have found ourselves in this awkward situation. Not only because they hired someone, but with colleagues they thought they got on well with, only to have misjudged. It's a tricky one. For one thing, make absolutely sure she doesn't have grounds for unfair dismissal. In your... show more

Do you have to work low paying jobs first in order to get higher paying jobs?

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