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It stays on even when I turn the ignition off and take the key out.

I could get a 14 passenger or 18 passenger bus, but I plan on removing all the seats and making it livable (bed, small kitchen, etc.)

soo, i just turned 18 and i got my learners permit today. i know i’m late, and i suck, blah blah. but i really want to start driving LEGALLY and BY MYSELF before summer ends and i need to know how long i have to wait

Best answer: Yeah some traffic engineers obviously don't know how to drive..

Best answer: Different states have different laws. In my state (California) it's legal to drive in slippers or even barefoot, but not recommended.

I saw this girl in a bmw and her mirrors automatically folded when she locked her car it was so cool. How can i make my car do that?

I'm a beginner driver, and this is something I'm struggling with. When I'm approaching a stop sign or a stop light, I start pressing on the brakes, but the car jolts. My dad and brother tell me that I have to ease on the brake to come to a smooth stop. I try to do that, but once I get to the stop sign... show more

Best answer: Governments love new cars sales because automotive manufacturing, and all the jobs associated with it, employs thousands of people. It is also a source of income from taxes. Older vehicles, with older emission technologies, or perhaps broken or tampered with emission control devices, tend to pollute more as... show more

Best answer: Buy a good paste wax and try some on a spotand see if that clears it up. If it does wax the entire car. Just because it has a clear coat doesn't mean it doesn't need to be waxed. Wax protects paint and that includes clear coats.

Why is Uber so popular?

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Having a fee from $ 10 dollars to $ 25 dollars to be in downtown in peak hours is that is what paying taxes is for

Best answer: A live train track will have flashing lights and a train on it. A dead track won't

Best answer: Technically, yes, but you won't make many friends on the highway by doing it, especially if you are a do-gooder who is trying to self-enforce the speed limit by driving too slow in the left lane. You will either cause an accident or possibly instigate a case of road-rage. Just don't do it.

Best answer: Nope, you have completed the written portion of your test. All that awaits is the behind the wheel portion.

Born and raised in Canada but never had so much as a driving lesson. Is it cheaper in some provinces than others? Is it mandatory to go to classes or can I just study on my own then take the tests?