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Last night I went and pounded in both rear quarter panels. No rust. Guy says it runs and drives very good

How to deal with that? I think they have some modern gadgets to stop that, but that stuff is hard to know and I think not everybody can doing that? I heard there are people who got lost back in the 1980s who are still driving round looking for their house? If they forgot where they live then how to getting home?

I’ve always pronounced it with the “z” sound but my mom says it with the ‘s” sound.

Best answer: A quieter, smoother ride, more standard features that would be optional/extra cost on other cars, high end tires, lotsa fake wood inside, or real wood on high end lux cars etc etc

I live in a city with fantastic public transportation, buses are very frequent, trains are frequent and pretty much can get you anywhere in the city you want. Yet still finding huge amounts of people using cars causing traffic jams all the time. I get that if you have kids it’s easier but I see lots of people... show more

I am a senior in high school, and I'd like to give my bus driver a present before I leave. What are some good presents?

Best answer: Your V8 sounds better and will probably live longer. The 4.6 is incredible durable.

I recently had a car stolen and because of that i became pretty paranoid with my car. I do not want to pay monthly payments for GPS trackers so my friend mentioned getting a kill switch installed. Are they reliable? Does getting one installed damage a car? Do they work? what kind should i get? he mentioned a... show more

Best answer: What matters is the Octane rating. Different stations have different names for their higher octane options, but if one station calls it "premium" and another calls is "Super" but they're both 92 octane then they're basically the same. FYI, higher octane fuel is only necessary in high... show more

How to pass your (NC) permit test?

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Best answer: yOU cAN pASS iT bLINDFOLDED

Where i live i park in a alley which is usually unplowed when it snows. With my current small car if it snows alot i cant get thru or i would just destroy the undercarriage. What would be a good small car with good ground clearance?

Best answer: It's whatever price the tinting shop says it is and you agree to. If you don't like their price, either haggle and/or shop around at other local tinting shops

1) Driver (68Kg) alone in the car 2) Driver (68) kg) with 1 passenger (68 Kg)

Best answer: Volkswagen, Audi, Subaru, Volvo (makes 2 models), Ford, fiat

I took a very long time to learn how to drive and iv finally just passed my driving test meaning I’m a full licence holder which of course I’m over the moon about. However iv recently just bought a new car, just a Standard fait 500, the first couple of time have been perfect driving around in it but today I was... show more