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Best answer: One reason is so that they can clean the streets. Another reason is so that old cars that don't even run don't just get left in the same parking space for years at a time. Without the parking rules, there would be nowhere to park, because eventually all the parking spaces would be filled, permanently. ... show more

Ways to prevent wheel theft?

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How can you prevent road accidents?

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I was reading an article that was proposing the idea that it is dangerous for women to operate a car while wearing high heeled shoes.Is this true?And if so,why?

Why is night driving dangerous?

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Trying to get ideas on what long lasting foods to keep in my car just in case of emergencies.

Discuss. Is it more dangerous to ride your bike in the city, or is it more dangerous to ride your car in a city. Say NYC since I live here. I can't find a single statistic saying which is more dangerous, which has more deaths/accidents percentage wise.

Making a turn on an icy road?

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Suppose we drive on an icy road and we see an icy banked left turn. Can we make the left turn if there is no friction between car’s tire and the icy road?

Best answer: You were smart not to stop. That sometimes is a ploy to get women to stop. However if that gas station was open, I would have pulled in there where there were other people.

During pick up from school, if I didn’t see my child can I wait in the line or I have to l move with the car and then enter the line again?

Yielding to the ambulance?

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I was driving home at night I was already in the right lane and I was listening to my music and everything and this ambulance came up on me on the left side the speed limit was 45mph now I don't remember if I saw flashing lights or not but he did like a quick honk on the horn thing. And he passed me was I in... show more

Best answer: Fresh rain on a paved roadway that hasn't seen rain for a few weeks is going to leave a slippery surface until all the dust and oil that has accumulated on the surface is washed off. It's almost as bad as driving on ice. Slow down to maintain control of your vehicle.

Best answer: use the turn lane in the center. Wife is incorrect

Best answer: Not. The tyres do not prevent accidents. They prevent that the drivers get killed instantly, by absorbing part of the impact energy in case of an accident.

Does it annoy you at all? Do you drive right after smoking weed?