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Traffic light question?

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Best answer: Your daughter is right.

let us assume it is a sedan coupe or somewhere in between a sports and sedan

The city i live in had a three car crash which several passengers became paralyzed. Do you need to be in a certain car not to be paralyzed. What preventive meaaures are there

So today I got hungry and decided to go to Wendy’s I’m coming down the two way street then I make a right hand turn and decide to pull in I slow do and try to pull in. Quickly I have to slam on breaks because some women in a Toyota tried to overtake me and decided to slam on her horn for about 30 seconds for some... show more

Obviously call 911. But do you help the person or help guide the person to get out? Or do you tell them to stay strapped in upside down till medics arrive? I can't find it on a google search. Links?

The other day in a complete lapse in my concentration (not making excuses what I did was stupid). I drove through a red light on a crossing, the crossing was clear and no one was on the pavement either side so there was no danger. There was no traffic either side so I just stupidly assumed it was green but it wasn... show more

Many lives could be saved!

This may seem excessive to some, but I'm sick of all the idiots driving. You're endangering public safety with your stupidity.

Has this ever happened to anyone?

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I'm waiting in the drive thru behind another car when I look down to quickly do something. Then when I look back up my car is about to smash in to the back of the car in front of me! I was always able to brake just inches from crashing. Has this happened to anyone?? Any ideas why this happens? Cause I always... show more

Do trucks have the right of way?.?

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Hi I recently learned driving I have seen that trucks usually go when I think I should have the right of way but I m not sure if to give it to them Is there something in the law that says trucks have the right of way in all situation? Perhaps because they are so big and can t see all the roads? Until I an answered... show more

Even when im driving 25 mph i feel like im going too fast and I cant control the car? Any help please???

I was waiting for for the car in front of me to parallel park on one way one lane street, then another car approached behind me and started beeping. The parking car had not cleared the road yet so I couldn't proceed. I'm waiting for pedestrians to clear the crosswalk to make a right turn. Car behinds me... show more