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Best answer: It depends on the "health" of your car, the conditions in which you drive, and the type of oil you used for the last oil change. Personally, I think getting oil changed regularly is a lot cheaper than a repair that is needed because you tried to cheap out on the oil changes.

I have a crack on my windshield.?

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A couple weeks ago I noticed a crack on my windshield. I heard rocks hitting .my windsheild. I told my dad about it but he told me we are not getting it fixed unless it gets bigger. Will it get bbigger its like a size of a spider.

I want to get out of my car lease?

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I have a 3 year lease with 15 months left on a 2017 Toyota RAV4. My car is currently being repaired after it’s second accident. I do not want the car anymore. In the contract I would owe the remaining lease payments and termination fee. Is there anything else I can do Legally? Maybe get a new lease from another... show more

Best answer: Signs are - Rattling, pinging or “knock”-like noises. When spark plugs begin to misfire, you may notice unusual noises from the force of the pistons and combustion not working properly. ... Hard vehicle start. ... Reduced performance. ... Poor fuel economy. 1

Best answer: Take it to any auto parts store. They dont care whether you buy new from them. Also, a lot of the dump grounds, (Waste Management Facilities) take it for free. Look up your county and see.

hi! so my check engine light came on about a week ago and the same day i took it by autozone to have them run a diagnostic test on it. it came back saying i needed a gas cap, so i replaced the gas cap and left. i drove it around for the next half hour or so and the light still hadn’t turned off. the next day it... show more

Best answer: The manual just TOLD you to do that.

Bought a used car from a dealer about 3 weeks ago. Unfortunately there is vibration within the car when traveling at 60mph+ due to the rear tyres being deformed with. (Not a true circle when looking at the tyre). Had the car at a tyre fitter and they say the tyres required to be replaced. I understand wear and tear... show more

I got my oil changed today and the mechanic said it was very rusty underneath. Is it safe to drive that way?

Does this mean it won't start in winter time or just have a tougher time doing so? Thanks!

I feel like the worlds biggest idiot. I probably am. I’ve had my car since March 2018 and most of the time I’ve had it, my boyfriend would fill up my gas but yesterday I was rushing after I got off work and had to go get my hair done. Went to the gas station because I had a little less than halfway left on gas. I... show more

Burnt clutch smell, please help?

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Best answer: At least if you stalled it the clutch disc isn't fried yet. Of course it's going to smell for awhile. Smarten up unless you want to remember what it's like to ride a bicycle.

Hit the light switch yesterday and she's dead now.

What does that mean? I drive a Honda Accord, if that helps. My car is driving fine (just a slight jerking every now and then, but that's another issue i'll get fixed). The fact that it did that then stopped worries!

GM recommends Dexos in all newer GM s. Does Ford have a specialty oil that they recommend/prefer? Especially something that won t void a warranty

Best answer: its a common problem ..first clean the screen ..use mr muscle glass cleaner ..with kitchen towel to wipe clean ..then use same to clean blades ..apply rainex ...wipe off very thoroughly when dry ..depending on amount of use every two months repeat

Differential fluid?

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My car has 226k miles on it, i have never changed the differential fluid, should i do it now?