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Does my car just need oil?

28 answers · 2 days ago
so i was driving on the highway and i noticed at one point it felt like i stop gaining speed even though i was already going 60 i also noticed the rpm needle was basically not moving and stayed at 3000 or 3 rpms even when i would give it a little gas and suddenly the car started smoking i pulled over immediately... show more

Nearing 20,000 miles since last change but its been raining forever! No I don't have an indoor garage!

My car runs great and shows I have 14 watts but when I have the heat running and am at a stop light it drops to almost 9 on the gauge. And when I hit the rear defrost the lights on the dash get dimmer. Is my car battery going bad? I put a new alternator in a year ago. Starts ok but the dash gets dim when i'm at... show more

It happened recently last week and happened twice this week and I'm really confused to why my car shakes when it turns on. It doesn't shake while driving or anything like that just only in the few 2-3 seconds when it first turns on. Obviously other than the engine starting. I have a 2012 BMW if that makes... show more

My story: I have a 2011 Kia Forte with 175K miles about 5 weeks ago, I had my transmission fixed.The evening I picked my car up, the engine light came on and I had issues with starting car, hesitating and stalling at red light( I never had these issues before it was in the shop) The first time, my car wouldn’t... show more

1980 wilderness camper 20 feet?

6 answers · 1 day ago
I cannot read tire size on this camper, Can anyone tell me size of rim so i can look for a high ply tire. theres 4 of them on it. thank you. fleetwood campers is out of buisness or i would have called them.

Best answer: I tested mine on a Snap On digital torque meter in an NEC class. It was off by one ft/lb at 60. Ok for my purposes. I did have a Thorsen that was bang on, it was stolen. Cheapie HFs are OK. NOT for aircraft--that takes a cal lab.

Best answer: Dielectric grease doesn't conduct electricity. Precisely because of that, it's good for protecting exposed connections, lubricating the rubber boots of the spark plug wires, stuff in that vein, but it's not good for the mating surfaces of electrical connections. Clean the tip of the spark plug and the... show more

Inhaled brake dust?

13 answers · 4 days ago
My friend was working on his rear drum brakes on a 2015 KIA and used compressed air to blow out the brake dust and it made a big black cloud. Could this exposure cause permanent health damage ? Is brake dust as bad as it used to be?? (Asbestos) thanks for any info

Remove sap from car paint?

7 answers · 1 day ago

I have a 2000 Lexus RX300 with 246k miles. She runs perfect when I wait a while to warm the engine up but if I don't give the car at least 4-5 minutes to idle it'll drive like sh*t. Dim lights(at night), rough shifting, slow acceleration, lower gas mileage(5-8 mpg lower) and a louder engine until its a... show more

filling up the gas and your in the car, can you call someone while the other person fill up the gas or that will ignite the fire?