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If my tags expire in April, do I get a ticket if I don't renew by end of April? Or is there a grace period?

A man was TEXTING AND DRIVING, ran the stop sign and did not slow down. He slammed right into the drivers side of my vehicle. It is not totaled, drivers door just needs to be repaired. This man was driving his mothers car. He was not included on the policy. Everything is in his mothers name. The claims adjuster is... show more

I was in an auto accident and my car was smashed to where I can't drive it. The other driver was at fault and my insurance adjuster has been on the ball, but the other insurance company and the other driver won't return her calls or respond to her letters. I have tried to reach them myself and they... show more

Bumped into someone’s car?

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Best answer: Not a bad person. Just a very bad driver. STAY OFF THE PHONE WHEN YOU’RE CONTROLLING THE CAR! It doesn’t matter how slowly you were going: if the shift lever is anywhere other than in Park then the slightest bit of inattention by you will cause the car to move forwards or backwards. For a manual stick shift that... show more

Best answer: Who knows? They obviously were not insured and fled to avoid a ticket. If they were hurt it is their own fault and their own responsibility. I was rear ended in Las Vegas and the van full of illegals who hit me fled but were chased by off duty cops who were near by. Believe me, I was not worried about their well... show more

I live in Texas, bought a 2006 car for $3000 and it s a salvage title. The car is fine. I insured it, got it inspected, and went and got it registered. Paid my fees and got the plates and registration. I never received the title in the mail. What should I do? I live in Texas.

Lay year my brother was in a car accident and totaled my car. Another driver hit him. I took the fault for it because he was unlicensed and under the influence. Now the other driver was illegal and had his dad take the fall for him. My insurance paíd a claim to fix their damaged car. But it’s Colin back to bite me... show more

I'm hoping for $100,000.

Would I get a refund?

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My license plate sticker is expiring this summer but there is a possibility I will be moving to another province a few months after it expires. What should I do? I don't want to pay for the 2 years if I'm moving in 6 there possibility of a refund? Apologies if this is a silly question.

I’m located in Cali and I have CA driver license, but I need to move to WA. I need a temporary car insurance, but having a hard time finding one. Please help me find a company that sells short term insurance.