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So I went to take my permit test today and passed but when I took my picture didnt smile and looked like a mugshot. and people(family members) are going to ask to see it soon but ill be too embarrassed. When will I be able to retake my picture :-(.

the finance company added their own insurance to the car after the car is labeled as a total loss but they won’t take the car. the car is still in her yard and they are making her pay car note and insurance!! is this right? why can’t they come get the car and scrap it and make her pay remaining balance? i... show more

For example, like when you tap another car and it only leaves a tiny scratch that can be easily covered up with cheap touch up paint

How do I pay less on car insurance?

29 answers · 5 days ago
First of all, I have accumulated several points on my license but haven t gotten any tickets in almost 2 years(My state they stay for 35 months). Currently been paying $200 a month for over a year on car insurance, which is a rediculous amount. Had to sell my car cuz theres just too many issues with it but getting... show more

I recently moved to Texas from Pennsylvania and my car is still owned and registered to my Father in PA. My inspection is about to expire on the car, so is my only option to drive the car up there to get inspected, cause I don’t think it’ll make that drive.

Rental car companies per day?

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Someone hit my car and took off. Looking for a rental company that’s not too pricy and will do the rental per day. Is there any company that will do this? It’s going to be per day so it’s temporary, I’m not sure how to go about this.

ow does police know I am not driving without insurance do they directly have to pull me over to see I am driving without it I was told cops can't just scan your plate for that

I know that it insures you in case of an accident but how does the price of car insurance differ from each car

I bought a car for $1300 from a Ohio Auto Auction. I live in Michigan the title is a Ohio Salvage Title. The car is worth $6,000 but will need $2500 in repairs. I sold it on craigslist for $1500 i gave the new owner the ohio title and a bill of sale. Am i in the clear or is this illegal? The old ohio title says the... show more

Bill of sale trouble?

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I purchased a vehicle and was given a bill of sale but at the dmv i found out it is has a out of state title and I need the original owners to sign a new bill of sale, i dont know who this is and DMV wouldn t tell me so I contacted AZ DMV by email and phone and have not heard anything back. Has anyone had a similar... show more

I live on a college campus, and lent my friend my parking pass to use because she does not have one. Her own vehicle is registered to my parking pass, so the parking tickets would not show up on my record right? They would only show up on hers because the vehicle is hers?

I was driving a relative's car when it was hit by a careless driver. Their insurance paid the policy limit but it's not enough to cover all my medical bills. My relative has "Under-insured" coverage which would pay the rest but he is refusing to let me file a claim saying he doesn't want to... show more

So I couldn't see anything because the sun was all up in my eye. So when I'm turning, I can barely see anything. I also didn't want to turn the sun shield while I was driving. Why can't he let me do a re-do. My turning stopping was bad because I could barely see anything.