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Best answer: I consider 100,000 miles to be the sweet spot for buying used cars. At 50K miles it is hard to tell how a car has been treated; at 100k miles it is hard to hide. I can more reliably get another 150K miles out of a 100k mile car than a 50k mile car. However, that is a mighty high price. $8000, if it is in good... show more

Best answer: Of course it is...if it is an ultra luxury or exotic sports vehicle.

So I’m in the ballpark of being able to afford my own car. I am 17 years old and I’m looking to get a vehicle for me. I’ve been looking around craigslist and I have a 3-4K budget and I’m paying for everything (insurance, maintenance, etc). My girlfriend told me her dad has been trying to sell his old truck for... show more

Carl loan at 19?

16 answers · 4 days ago
Car total is 14,000 with payments of 300 a month , my mom pays the insurance and I just pay for the payments and gas and maintenance I make 350 very two weeks , is it a bad idea

I never bought a car at a dealership and I’m very young no one taught me this stuff. So I got my eyes on this new 2019 Honda Civic coupe, I want to co-sign it under my mom because she has amazing credit and dealer told me payments are based on a person credit. So that being said, on the website it said 2k as down... show more

Down payments and auto loans?

8 answers · 3 days ago
I am new to this stuff and I have some questions. I want a new vehicle and I'm willing to make monthly payments since I have no other bills to pay. However, I don't have enough money of course for any vehicle. I'm wondering, if a car costs say $25000 and has a down payment of $2000, can I just get an... show more

I got approved for an auto loan but I don't have enough for a down payment yet. I have an appointment to go to the car dealerships in a few days but I'll have to tell them that it'll be about a month or 2 until I have a down payment. Will they get mad? Or is this normal? This is my first time buying a car. show more

I need help choosing a car.?

5 answers · 3 days ago
I'm currently on deployment and looking at cars and I'm trying to figure out what I want to get. Im stuck between a 2017 camaro zl1 or a 1968 Camaro. I've had a 2010 Camaro ls1 and a 2011 ss both have brought me happiness. I love the modern items in the car but I also like the look and sound of an older... show more

I need to buy a new-used car.?

7 answers · 4 days ago
Not too old or with too many miles.Thinking about Toyota or Honda.Does anyone have any other ides ? I'd like to keep it under $16,000 if possible.

Best answer: depends. between sales, repairs, and selling parts. anywhere between 25k to over 100k

I was recently hit from behind and my car got totaled. I had a 2016 VW Passat SEL. I was absolutely in LOVE with that car. Had everything I wanted in a car. Leather interior, technology features, smooth ride, sporty yet classy, etc. Now I’m at a loss of what to do. My insurance is only covering my rental for... show more

Best answer: You can try but I doubt you'll have any success unless they just happen to be lowering the price anyway. In my past dealings with Carmax, I've always felt the price was fair considering the professional staff, the free Carfax report, the detailed documented inspection, the warranty, and the 7-day return... show more

I need to buy a car?

4 answers · 3 days ago
Requiments: coupe retro Under 1990 or has carburated engine 5 speed manual RWD Under 5000 € Above 100 bhp

Car Payment Question?

11 answers · 1 week ago
Am I allowed to pay the minimum car payment on my loan if I’ve been paying more? I should be able to pay the minimum without having to refinance or anything right? An example would be a $400 car loan that I’ve been making $800 payments on each month. If I wanted to switch to the minimum of $400 that shouldn’t be a... show more

Isn't it the duty of the seller to see that the car he sells is in a good condition? Or shall I go to any used car dealer?