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I think the price of trucks are getting absolutely ridiculous. 30k for a used truck with 50-70k miles. YOURE INSANE!!! I just want a truck for hauling wood/driving on dirt roads for hunting but I want something reliable. Seems impossible to find something in the 10-15k range. Financing will never be an option I... show more

I'm buying a 2017 Camaro LT. However, I have two color options that I can't decide on. RED or BLACK. I've always had love for black cars but want to get out of my comfort zone. I'm a girl btw. What color do ya'll suggest I go with?

Best answer: Sure you can. You can sell anything you like or want as long as you have that title. You might find a sucker, or i mean some fool, uh i means some potential buyer. As long as you are not over priced and be realistic abt how much you want.

2008 Dodge caliber ?

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I'm considering buying a 2008 dodge caliber with 144k on it. The dealership is asking 4 grand for it. Car overall seems in good shape no visible rust on it. are these cars decent and reliable ? I know they tend to have problems with the CVT transmission is that something I should be worried for or keeping in... show more

Should I buy this porsche?

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Best answer: It is a risk but it seems about 10% of them fail before 100,000 miles and those that done can go 200,000 mile. LN Engineering sells a upgrade bearing replacement that you can look for which may be worth it because if the bearing fails then your timing goes and you will have engine parts colliding and then you will... show more

I put $700 down for a vehicle from Car Spot and I’ve been making $50 a week payments on this car. The original price was 4295. The car has too many issues and I no longer wish to lease this car. It would cost me an upwards of $1000 to fix the car and I think the car isn’t worth it. The car has an oil leak and has... show more

How to Write up Bill of Sale ?

14 answers · 5 days ago
Selling my 06 impala tomorrow morning for $800 230k has some issues I stated to the buyer but he still wants it. Ion want him calling me like "the car broke down" I want my money back! How can I protect myself?!! What should the bill of sale say!?

Are Hondas good cars?

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what about an early 00s one?

Possible scam?

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Best answer: Scam. They are going to direct you to a fake ebay page. Cease all contact. Do not ask, "Are you a scammer? " Simply cease all contact.

Can anyone help?

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Best answer: Trading it in won't help one bit. For now, keep the car. Follow the advice from the other answers, suggesting you earn additional money and cut your other expenses. Find out who Dave Ramsey is, and look for the kind of advice that he provides. Getting yourself out of debt should be a top priority. Dave always... show more

Should I buy a Tesla Model 3 ?

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Selling my 06 Impala with 230k with Tranny Issues, no heat blowing on the drivers side. Check engine light for whatever Reason idk. I Stated all that 2 him and he still wants it. Can i make something stating all Sales are Final or Something? Selling it for $800 we Meeting at Walmart!