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If you filed for bankruptcy recently?

I have 2018 Honda vehicle. My lease will be up in Jan 2020 is there anyway I can get out of my lease early or find a loophole in the contract ?

Are used cars totally junks?

18 answers · 2 days ago
Best answer: I've owned 22 used cars,, Ten of them were such POSs that it would have cost three times what I paid for them to fix while I drove them around till I finally parked them at junk yards,, Another ten, cost me half as much as I paid for them to keep them on the road till I either junked or sold them,, And only... show more

I am soon hoping to learn how to drive and having a rough idea on what car to buy (when I can) would be great.

Cadilac logo worth? About two months ago I found a Cadilac car logo thing on the ground and I took it home to my grandpa who knows a lot about cars. Now he didn’t know what to do with it he said just hold onto it and it’s the right time right moment. I waited until my friend wanted to know if he could have I... show more

I am 17 and recently got my license. I am trying to buy a car as soon as possible, but I am not quite sure how much I should have saved up before I get one. Obviously the more money I have saved, the better, but I am hoping to buy the car within the next few months. I am trying to keep my budget to around or below... show more

Was buying an old car a mistake?

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I live with my girlfriend and pay rent, but neither of us have reliable transportation or family, we dont like riding smart bus due to cold cold weather. So mostly had to get a car soon enough so can get errands done when we need. Problem Is were both disabled so we dont work. I had this car since April 2018, half... show more

Best answer: 94k is on the high side of average mileage for the year and the price is high retail considering the year and the mileage. A good deal would be around $10,500 and I wouldn't advise you to pay more than about $12k or so for it. . If you decide to buy it, you should get it checked out first by an independent... show more

my firend say he thinks they get half price on any car they make, if true I want to get a job making cars

Selling car to carmax?

6 answers · 4 days ago
I'm planning to sell my car tomorrow at Carmax, I'm vacuuming it out right now and i realized that the mats in the car are terribly stained and i really don't have the time to invest in cleaning them so the question is, am i better off leaving the stained mats in or throwing them out as the actually... show more

What is the best way to own a car?

9 answers · 5 days ago
Best answer: A lot depends on your individual situation. If you live in Manhattan, the cost of parking a car is outrageous, it's difficult to get around, and you might as well use public transportation or a ride share. If you live in Harney County, Oregon, you need a very reliable 4-wheel drive and there are no ride share... show more

How to sell a van on Craig list?

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Two weeks ago, my boyfriend financed a car at a reputable dealership with pretty good reviews. He has excellent credit and the paperwork went through smoothly and he drove him with the car. Yesterday he got a letter of denial from the bank. What should he do now?

My Honda Civic is worth about $12,000 and I want to trade it in for older and higher mileage Honda CR-V or Element which cost about half that. Not only do I want a larger car cause the Civic is so cramped but honestly I could use the extra money. My family is totally against it saying I should keep the Civic... show more

Best answer: call the closes democrit office and tell them you are here illegally and that you need a car to go back and forth to your illegally obtained job to feed the 14 illegal kids you have back over the border in a different country..