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How do i keep a compass safely in my pencil case without harming it.?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 days ago
My pencil case is cloth, and i like it so much that every time it gets pencil marks on it i wash it. So i don't want any random compass poking through it or anything of that sort. Is there a way to store it safely in my pencil case other than buying a new case?

What do you guys think of this artwork?

8 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 2 days ago
I don’t know what it is I just started drawing and this is what it ended up as lol

Can you draw boobs and then fap to them? Is that aloud?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 13 hours ago

Best answer: Probably really depends on how dark the brown is. Anywhere from something like burnt orange to, as another suggested, mahogany.

Best answer: A filter called a "Skylight" is designed for this very purpose. The Skylight is a UV filter with a slight pink (actually salmon tint).

Why did the church of Notre Dame ?

5 answers · Sculpture · 2 days ago
Have statues of Saints. But also statues of Gargoyles ?

Be as creative as possible! I need some ideas and inspiration for my sketch. I’m also really curious!

Can someone help me with my view on my art/Illustrations?

4 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 3 days ago
I have this endless problem of comparing my art to others..."That person has such a pretty style and etc... mine looks so bland and flat compared to their work" I'll have alot of fun creating but it always occurs to me "this is to flat and boring... it looks to amatuer when compared to... show more

Photography Stand Kit?

5 answers · Photography · 3 days ago
I see they are being sold on ebay. They come with 3 backdrops (white, black, green), the stand, and lighting kit. The lighting kit has usually 2 white umbrellas and 1 gold umbrella. Is that to dim the lighting? Anything else I would need to complete it?Already have the Canon Rebel T6 DSLR. I love photography... show more

What should I draw?

12 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 1 week ago

Getting into photography?

7 answers · Photography · 5 days ago
Hey I wanna get into photography. Its a bit overwhelming but my goal is to become a pro in a month or 2. I already have a camera so that should help. What websites or videos could help me understand editing software like light room/photoshop? Also a guide to taking amazing photos, setting up studios and... show more

Why do I keep thinking my art is crap?

6 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 6 days ago
Hello I’m Eren, I am a 17 year old artist. For some reason I don’t like my art. A lot of family, friends, and other people keep saying it’s amazing, but I don’t really like it. I don’t know why, but I don’t except my art. In my head, my art is **** and I could do better than this. So I always push my self to draw... show more

Best answer: It's priceless. It would never be sold. The Louvre is not in financial trouble and if it was, they would sell something else, not the Mona Lisa.

Kids at my school make fun of me for what I like?

5 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 6 days ago
Best answer: Just ignore them. A lot of people grow out of their garbage attitudes. My boyfriend and I did those when we were in school, and now some of his classmates - that had made fun of him for watching anime - are now realizing that anime is actually good and are asking him for advice on what to watch.

What does my picture mean?

3 answers · Drawing & Illustration · 6 days ago
Best answer: Perhaps: you saw no future for yourself or leading to great disappointment. Based on the typical middle line from a road leading to a face full of saddenss and everywhere around black and dismal. question?

7 answers · Photography · 1 week ago
So I’m just starting out trying to practice real estate photography. I just got my wide angle lense and I’m trying to take indoor pictures. Right now it’s super bright inside and the windows are bright too. I’m trying to shoot In manual mode, and apparently you’re supposed to shoot with ISO 100-400, f7.1, and... show more

Is it necessary to use flash in real estate photography?

9 answers · Photography · 1 week ago
Best answer: When you bracket your exposures, you end up with a series of shots with different levels of exposure. You can bracket your shots in a variety of ways. For example, you can bracket your shots, say three, so that you have one image at indicated exposure (0), then one at 1 stop under (-1) and one stop over indicated... show more