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Americans what are your heritage?

11 answers · Gender Studies · 10 hours ago
I know that you are americans, I am talking about your heritage wwasps? hispani (white or mestizo), german, irish, italian, black, scaninavian?

Why don't you wetbacks go back to Mecio?

21 answers · Other - Social Science · 1 day ago

Best answer: The Americans will have no problem selecting a women to be their president. As long as she is honest, not a crook, does not use a Microsoft PC or SMTP server, is not best friends with pædophiles, is not a rape apologist, does not take millions from Muslim dictators, does not want to start a hot war with Russia,... show more

What did men do to make feminists hate men so much?

17 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Do you text your spouse all day, every day?

25 answers · Psychology · 2 days ago
For years my wife has has this thing to where if you text once then you should be able to text all day. And she gets mad when you don't or can't reply when she expects a reply over something that can wait till you both get home. I recently started a new job a few weeks ago and right now I'm still in... show more

Men answer only: Should I do it or not?

16 answers · Gender Studies · 7 hours ago
I am 23 and have breasts like a child that starts puberty, I hardly even fit a A cup. I'm very insecure about it and never even had a boyfriend, i'm ashamed of myself, I worry that men dont want me because of my flat chest. Nobody wants a pancake for a girlfriend or wife so I was thinking for a breast... show more

Why are smaller women attracted to bigger guys?

15 answers · Gender Studies · 13 hours ago
I'm a guy 5'11 200 lbs, but I feel like I mostly get attention from girls that are like 5'1 and 100 pounds, never taller girls or bigger girls.

Can women please stop complaining about misogyny when there’s way more women who actively hate males Sounds kinda hypocritical you’re allowed to insult, stereotype, generalise and be rude about innocent males all the time but if I open my mouth to be sexist back “dude you’re an asshole” Please stop? Thank you x

Why don't we raise taxes in Liberal states?

13 answers · Economics · 8 hours ago
New Yorkers, Californians, New Englanders, etc. want to pay more taxes, so why not just raise taxes in those states and lower taxes in the rest of the country? We can also permit states to prevent domestic migration from those states so that way we can finally stop their locust parasitic behavior. Maybe the... show more

Why do liberal women look so nasty?

13 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Take a sad life and make it better?

12 answers · Psychology · 9 hours ago

What is feminism?

70 answers · Gender Studies · 5 days ago
I always knew feminism to the equal rights of both men and women. But with how it turns out, there are protests by 'feminists' against men's rights. Saying females are superior, deserve more empathy and spread false rumours that if you happen to disagree with a feminist you are 'against female... show more

Is it a myth?

26 answers · Gender Studies · 4 days ago
That girls dont like nice guys? What's wrong with being nice? Who wants a mean guy? Shall i just smile and be friendly

Are men to blame for women getting breast implants?

16 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago

Best answer: Rich and ugly probably. I'd be able to afford plastic surgery, expensive makeup, beautiful clothes, and a hair stylist. That could help with the ugly appearance. But being poor and ugly is tempting too, if I can't have the above things.

Why are people either capitalist or socialist?

13 answers · Economics · 1 day ago
Both capitalism and socialism are equally flawed. I believe in distributism.

Could someone give me a short list of how long term abuse from a sibling can effect a peroson personality wise? I’m trying to better understand this lesson in my psychology class. Thank you.