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Why are some people so obsessed with guns?

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Why are people so much nicer to pretty girls?

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Best answer: continue to exercise vigorously and watch your diet, you will eventually shed the stomach fat.

Who cares if they are shallow? Is the sex consensual between two adults? Yes? Then let it be.

Like god forbid if a woman doesn’t want kids and doesn’t want to get married and serve a man all their lives...if they don’t, then they’re automatically labeled as lonely, unattractive feminists... When in reality, as a woman, my goal is to travel the world and experience life, different cultures, and the beauty... show more

Should I date a wonderful girl that has a messed up past?

14 answers · Gender Studies · 2 days ago
I know this girl. She looks like a model. She goes to an Ivy League law school. She’s hilarious and sweet. The sex is amazing. We’re in the early phases of dating. I asked her how many people she’d slept with. She told me honestly, over 50. She said she’s a “recovering sex addict” and that this number was... show more

Why do men like dumb women?

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Best answer: Actually the men become frustrate after full filling the unofficial demand to stretch the lips for smile of a women and finally got a basket of complaint. That is so why the men always prefer a dumb women to live a cool life.

True/false: nobody is nice?

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Best answer: That is a false statement however it seems true sometimes

Which is natural , masterbation or homosexuality?

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We still retain their dna, meaning they didn't really die off as they live within us

If it is her body her choice then surely it is should be her body her responsibility

In-fact the thought of having a female child is off-putting, maybe even disgusting.

Why are males competitors?

9 answers · Gender Studies · 14 hours ago
I’m a female that’s committed to the gym and enjoy gaining muscle. I’ve come across a couple of males that feel the need to compete with me or say negative things to make themselves feel better. Why is that?

Do women believe they can lead as good as men?

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Do rich people shop online or in the store..?

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This is something I hear the MGTOW community speak of. That in the future the female gender goes extinct, and are replaced by Robots and artificial wombs, and some even suggest Traps /transgenders. Anyway, is there anything morally wrong with female extinction?