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Best answer: I suggest recording yourself during a typical evening, or asking your sister or brother to record you when you're not expecting it. It would help if you could hear yourself as others hear you. If your voice really bothers you, consider taking speech therapy, elocution lessons or even singing or acting... show more

Are Ukuleles considered guitars?

7 answers · 4 days ago
Best answer: No. It's a different instrument. Just like a violin is not a double bass.

Best answer: For young children a full size guitar can be too bulky - they can have trouble reaching over the top of it, holding it on their knee and reaching the tuners. In the same way, some smaller adults find a dreadnought too big for them. Hand size isn't really an issue and there is very little difference in the... show more

Who is woody allen?

13 answers · 1 week ago
Best answer: He's a screenwriter, director, and actor whose specialty is nebish characters living in New York City.

Instrument question?

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So I am currently I 8th grade playing the trombone. I’d say ( and my instructors would also likely agree ) that I am farely advance for my grade. One day, I asked my instructors if I could play a would wind, particularly the piccolo. My instructors said no, saying it would mess up my ambushure. Do you agree with... show more

This is mainly a venting exercise for me as I'm having a panic attack at the mere thought of going to band tomorrow. First of all, I'm not involved in a good band program. My school is huge, but our band is laughable in size. Why? The assistant band director is a lunatic. He has the expectations of a... show more

Best answer: I've tried DADGAD, DADGBE, DADGBD, Open G, Open E and Open C and I've always just used whatever strings were on the guitar. I've had no problems although maybe if I was going to use one of these tunings all the time I'd choose different gauges. I have an acoustic that is in "Nashville... show more

I want to start playing an instrument, but I don t know which one I should start with. I have read a few articles saying that a piano/keyboard, guitar, and violin are good places to start, but I don t know which one to pick. Which one would you recommend? It does not have to be one of the ones I mentioned.

Best answer: never heard of it

I was changing the strings on my acoustic guitar, and when I was taking out a bridge pin, I heard something chip off inside the guitar. I found out that a piece of wood chipped off where the pins come through on the inside. Now the pin won t stay in when I try and put in a new string. Can this be fixed? If so, does... show more

What makes a great stage artist?

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Best answer: Someone who knows the psychological side of people and knows how to work on that. If they know how to captivate people they will usually be a success.

Best answer: They don’t have to. They have enough brainwashed puppets who cant see the tracks.

Best answer: A choreographer is not necessarily a performer in their own choreography. No way will her performing on stage make things go right or wrong with any other performer. My daughter is a professional dancer and choreographer . While some choreographers appear in their own pieces many don’t. Sort of like a director... show more

What is a virtuoso?

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Best answer: A person who is skilled in one or more sections of "the Arts". I could be playing a musical instrument .. writing classical music .. or collecting fine art.