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Pls help me?

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Best answer: There are never enough laws to satisfy the people in government.

Why are they calling Khabib a terrorist for what he did after the fight, but completely disregarding Conor throwing a dolly through a bus window? Does it have to do with him being a Muslim?

Best answer: It seems to be as mainstream as ever it was to me. Compared to the 60s and 70s though music in general isn't mainstream anymore.

Best answer: I rejoiced when GC came to my town in 99. At last a place with a 30 day no hassle return policy. So even if what you get him is not exactly "right" he can return it and get different or money back. As far as coupons and discounts go, they are required to post various brands not covered by offer.... show more

Right now my car stereo can hook up with my phone through aux cable. Unfortunately the cable is tearing and I want to go wireless. Any suggestions? Thank you! Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Best answer: It ain't gay if u say no homo

What is this vintage gutair?

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From whar i can gather its around the 1930’s. Black and white Hawaiian stenciled UAC. Googling seems to be by Oscar Schmidt. However I can t get any more details on it. Whether it s rare. Or how much it s worth. Any help would be appreciated.

I have been playing guitar for the past seven years. I have obviously improved a ton since i first started but i feel like it is almost impossible to get to the level of professionals, especially metal players that can play rapidly and with clarity. Is the ability to learn guitar easily and well something you are... show more

Does it vary i.e. for one person it may take 12 years and for another, maybe 4-6 years?

Best answer: Ancient Grecians originated the theatre.

Best answer: sure you can. for some people it's probably better to do it as an adult. you'll have the discipline and patience. it'll be your choice to learn too, and not a chore like it is when you're a kid.

How do I get rid of stage fright?

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Best answer: post song covers on youtube or soundcloud or make your own music

Best answer: Just about any melody can be played on the clarinet, but if you're looking for something written for clarinet, check out Benny Goodman's music. Benny Goodman Quartet, the Benny Goodman Orchestra etc. As a band leader AND writer, he wrote a lot of music, and he also played clarinet. Many of his pieces... show more

I play in my school’s orchestra and today we found out what instrument we will play (In other words, we haven’t started any instrument specific lessons). I very badly want to play viola, but ended up getting cello. Is there any way to convince my orchestra director to change my orchestra director to let me switch... show more