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How do you choose books?

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Who was Beatrix potter?

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Best answer: She was a writer of childrens' books around 1900..


I don t read much, but i have an impression that there s some kind of anti-dragon bias. Among fans, part of this bias come from the comparison between dragons and nukes and mass destruction weapons. I have no idea if book writers think that way. The problem is that dragons are cool, they breath fire, they fly, you... show more

I'm female and live on my own, when my parents visit me they see my book shelve and complain that I'm too old for the books I read. I like books about being in middle school, or books about friendship. I just never outgrew these types of books. I find them easy to read and they make me feel happy. I have a... show more

Or video game director for all that matter. How would J. R. R. Tolkien get convinced to allow his work be made into a movie? Or George R.R. Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire into a drama series? Or Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher series into the games of the same name?

Today is the final episode of the FAKE WANNA BE GoT, not written by George RR Martin who is THE TRUE KING. Directors never been good at writing stories, and that reflected well season 8

Best answer: Well, he had a hard childhood, he was terribly unlucky in love, and he was also at times under financial pressure to publish stories to the point where he felt he wasn't doing them justice. Not to mention, he's said to have been very sensitive to negative criticism of his work. Also, he seemed to have... show more

Best answer: Fanfic, like set in the world and situation of an existing TV show, movie, book, etc.? Or Real Person Fic, a ficitonal story you made up about a real human being? Real Person Fic (RPF) requires extensive edits to be publishable. You need to make all the characters unidentifiable by themselves and by people who... show more

I have to write an essay talking about three arguments that are made in the book Starship Troopers. I know one being potatoes aren’t men, but i don’t know any others

His public persona was totally fake according to Kessler.